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Also what I would like to know is, what happens to the CRA funds if you deny the extension of the CRA for Apopka, Christine? Who gets to keep the funds? Where would it go? I talked with Cliff Sheppard, the former city attorney, at one of the previous city council meetings. He explained to me that the special districts, do not get their funding from increased millage, as we all pay the same millage rates in the city, but that the special districts values have been increased in value by the Orange County property appraiser. This special district, the CRA, that is where the extra revenue comes from, the businesses and residents too, who paid more into this special district, the COA's CRA district. Christine, for you to deny the extension of Apopka's CRA, would amount to pure robbery IMO, and to those who paid in the funds that are in those CRA boundaries. You would only hurt Apopka.

From: Commissioner Moore: "A successful CRA plan could result in a rebirth of downtown Apopka"

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