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Well I finally got around to reading this and the comments. Don't know how I got drug into it. But as far as shutting me down, let me ask you why? Every person who has a issue has the right by charter to address the city with the issues. Want to shut me down, tell the mayor to repair the city owned property that's not up to code, including camp wewa, the chamber bldg, the forest ave complex, the connelly house, the 8th st. complex, the old carrot house at the muck, so many properties, yet he brags about making almost 1 million dollars in code enforcement fines. Want to shut me down, tell him to publish a 5 or 10 year plan for infrastructure, for public services, for fire service, for police protection. Want to shut me down, tell him to start the replacement of concrete and galvanized water mains, want to shut me down, tell him to removed the money from his buddies bank which lost the taxpayers almost 800K in interest, want to shut me down care about your city enough to speak out on things that are wrong take time to do anything other that criticize those who are trying to get the dictator to do anything for the good of all the taxpayers, not the limited few. Otherwise, like everyone else I have the right of the first amendment, maybe you should use yours.

From: Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka

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