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Melissa W. You still like Becker, thats okay, but Melissa, the council makes the laws that we, the citizens, have to live under. Becker is refusing to meet with the attorneys before the council meetings for legal advice, he is ignoring, or saying he doesn't value their legal advice, which he calls opinion, and worse screams out the F-off words to the attorneys. The city can really get into some legal limbo areas, by not listening to their legal advisors, like Becker dismisses their advice, or trying to operate without an attorney, due to Becker and his fellow commissioners "firing them" or running them off, and worse, the commissioners listened to Becker, followed him over the cliff, when they don't have firing power, per the charter. Becker, do you want to deny yelling F-off to the previous attorney? I'll give you the opportunity to respond on here. Go for it......

From: Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka

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