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There you have it! From the horse's mouth! Commissioner Velazquez tried her covering tactic, and as I said, it did not work, as to why the former attorney, Byrd, left. The citizens who keep up with these council meetings know why. I told Becker he seriously needed to reign in his anger and impulsiveness, and that his behavior, as a city commissioner was getting outrageous right here on the Apopka Voice, but he didn't listen to me, he doesn't listen to the attorneys, who represented this city, either. This is why I won't vote for him. I would expect more from someone who was an Eagle Scout, and was raised by a very educated mom, who is, or was a teacher, is what I understand. He is not open minded, forms his opinions about everything, on his own biased beliefs, and is stubborn, hardheaded, and uncompromising. I am not saying I think he is a bad person, no, just a very bad commissioner, who won't meet with the attorneys, before the council meetings, like the other council members, and listen to legal advice from the attorneys we had, and is acting beyond what the city charter states, as to the commissioner duties. He only wants to dominate the council meetings, and get the other commissioners to follow him over the cliff, in this downward spiral of out of control council meetings hitting rock bottom, a total circus. Sorry Apopka, this is ridiculous. The mayor is trying to conduct the council meetings, and city business, but there are so many negative forces beyond his control, but he does what he can, to make lemonade, with the lemons.

From: Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka

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