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Reply to Richard:. Richard are you serious? You want to hire the lady attorney who represents Southwick Commons group to be the COA attorney? Why would the city hire an attorney that has been in opposition to the city in court, over these apartment issues? That makes zero sense... Hey, let's just hire Rudy Giuliani, as the city attorney, makes about as much sense as your suggestion. I read he is much experienced in screaming matches, that would be a great qualification for the job vacancy here, has done a singing rendition on the Masked Singer of "Bad to the Bone", dressed as a rooster, and has dripping hair dye when he sweats. What more could Apopka want, or need, as a professional attorney? He also has experience as being a Mayor!

From: Apopka City Budget 2023: Department Heads propose three budgets and meet with employees this cycle

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