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How about this one? What good is a low millage rate if we have a 25 percent sales tax? This from Dennis New, the recall guy on video, him and the mole talking. Or his advice, just cut your water off, and let your yard go brown, and let God take care of it.....and all the talk about Tiger Bay Club, and suspiciousness of the members, and what they are up to? TBC has been around long as I can remember. What is the difference in the mayor hiring the daughter of one of TBC club members to do some of his campaign work, and the difference in former Mayor K, Velazquez, Becker, and former commissioner Ruth, hiring Christine Moore, to run their campaigns, as their campaign managers? Their paid for hire campaign manager ....so what if the mayor paid the TBC man's daughter big bucks to hire her......Christine Moore was getting rich off running these political campaigns, while she was on the school board, but is now a Orange County Commissioner. She was paid big bucks too! Big bucks, yes! A little pack of the anti Nelson cronies, with Mayor K out, as well as Ruth, who has been quiet since he lost the election, but I see K posting some. Bigger anti Nelson cronies behind the scenes operating also, but none that you have seen or heard out of, but they are powerful, and I know who they are!

From: Apopka City Budget 2023: Department Heads propose three budgets and meet with employees this cycle

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