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Mr Hoffman from RSR, He is so right about the gun violence, and the loose gun laws being sought by the Florida governor, and Florida legislators. I hope he does talk with our state representative, Doug Bankson, about those lax gun laws. Will he make a impression on Bankson, to change his mind and vote? As far as I know, the bill has not been passed yet, but I could be wrong. Mr. Hoffman can speak with the city council to try to get some kind of local gun ordinance passed in Apopka, but DeSantis has threatened to remove any local government official for voting in such gun control laws. The city council members are very aware of that fact. It ties their hands. I am with Mr. Hoffman on that issue though, yes, I am. Things need to change regarding guns, and access to them.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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