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I have been reading Apopka Critic. He is informing the Apopka City Commissioners to vote no on any developments coming in on the council agenda, and why? To get back at the mayor for not ousting the fire chief! OMG, what poor poor advice. First of all, I believe they all are smarter than that, but in case, I am wrong about them, let me say what might happen. You all would have to have a legitimate reason for turning down an incoming development, or else you all will land in court, and have to answer why you disapproved the developments, and the developers can sue. You cannot vote no on a development, because you are irked at the mayor. Also, I want to remind the City Commissioners, if Governor Ron DeSantis were to get wind of this plot, if it happens, the governor could remove you all from office! Don't think he wouldn't! I hope Apopka Critic wrote this in jest, out of his frustration, and hope he wasn't serious. You commissioners would also be affecting peoples' property rights, if you did follow the Apopka Critic's advice of voting no, on all incoming developments at the next council meetings to come.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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