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Thumbs up on your article here, Reggie. It will be a "wait and see", with all the different power players involved. That doctor that was going to develop the tortoise conservation land bowed out, and changed his mind, didn't he? Who is the developer then, who wants to develop the land? I haven't heard a name mentioned. Talk of closing the deal very soon? Did I mention we, the City of Apopka residents, need a "districting" form of city council representation, instead of an " at large" representation type, with 3 of our city commissioners living in Rock Springs Ridge. Too much focus on their area, and not much representation for the other city areas. Will they, the 3 city council members who live in RSR, be allowed to vote on this plan, if it goes to the city council for approval, if the state allows it? Will they have to abstain from the vote? Will the developer give the subdivision a cute environmental name, like Tortoise Springs, or will it be just RSR? The soap opera continues.......

From: Rock Springs Ridge Board: At your special meeting, be a keystone to the community you serve

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