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It is a shame all these shootings deaths. Will the governor do anything other than make the gun laws more lax? Mentally ill, no problem, convicted felon, no problem, anyone can buy a gun and carry it around under DeSantis, if he gets his way, on the gun law he is working on. There was recently a 23 year old woman who had a concealed weapon permit, went through the drive-thru at McDonalds, on 434, and got in an argument because they didn't give her a free cookie for not telling her about their reward program. She finally got her cookie, but pulled the gun on the workers, drove off, came back went in, and fought a male worker, injuring him. I can only imagine how bad the gun incidents will be, if DeSantis persists with these gun laws he wants.

From: Fatal shooting in South Apopka kills man in his 20s

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