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Mama Mia is definitely a Nelson family member! His comments remind me of Reed Nelson’s comments on the Apopka Critic Facebook page. Anyway, the mayor needs to step down. I have never in my life seen such poor leadership the way he just sits with his hands on his face, rubbing his eyes, yawning, and saying next up without even a comment or a thought, and when he does comment, it is in pieces. He is always on the defensive and he won’t look at anybody except commissioner Smith, wonder why that is? Mamma Mia says that he was voted in twice. The first one happened because of the dislike of the former mayor, the second time I believe was just name recognition and the help of all of those absentee ballots solicited by the mayor and his wife…please retire.

From: Mayor Nelson: For the sake of Apopka, it's urgent that you lead

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