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I have read - and laughed at - the continual comments by MamaMia (a/k/a Nelson Homie). And the really laughable part about these comments is that he/she doesn’t use their actual name, leading one to the possible conclusion that he/she is nothing more than a Nelson mouthpiece.

In any event, this is an excellent article. Nelson has yet to take control and show any kind of leadership. He rarely makes comments at a Commission meetings and even refuses to explain the reasons behind his votes. WFTV’s coverage has been thorough and I seriously doubt there’s any kind of media “conspiracy” against Nelson as he’s managed to make himself look foolish over and over again. This city is in desperate need of leadership, not to mention an acknowledgment that issues have been totally ignored, much less addressed. What a shame, and in fact an embarrassment, that Nelson was re-elected. We deserve more.

From: Mayor Nelson: For the sake of Apopka, it's urgent that you lead

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