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For example, people in South Apopka, already on the city water, get a water bill monthly, like the current city residents, but if you own your home in the county, you pay your garbage bill once a year, on your property taxes, under the non-ad valoreum section, which I believe is $ 260.00, but could vary, I suppose, but if annexed into the city, your garbage bill will be added onto your city water bill, monthly, instead of yearly. Facts like that, as an example, so many differences, in city vs. county. Sorry, I meant coup, not coupe, in my above posting. Also, there is probably more density allowed, when it comes to building, than allowed in the county codes, but I am not certain about that though. There is so much NOT BEING discussed, that is very important, to all Apopka residents, is the point I am trying to make.

From: City Council: Take the initiative to show South Apopka the benefits of being a part of Apopka

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