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There is so much drama, feels good unity horn blowing, self promoting, going on by some of the city council members, but so many details, that the South Apopka residents need to know, are not being discussed. Factual items. Maybe these differences were going to explained in the letter that Mayor Nelson planned to send out to the residents of South Apopka, that is, until other city council members (the coupe) tried shooting his plans down, with alternate ideas. First and foremost, find out first, if the South Apopka residents want to be in the COA. I am speaking of the majority, legally necessary, to go forward, according to the city attorney. This annexation, if approved, will be legally binding, and will create a great impact to the residents, both South Apopka residents, and current COA residents. It should not be taken likely, and superficially to appease anyone. You are affecting peoples' finances, and their homes, properties, and property rights. I hate what is going on in our city council meetings, and other community meetings! Tooting your own horns to look so fair to all. Not!

From: City Council: Take the initiative to show South Apopka the benefits of being a part of Apopka

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