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I find this article interesting, despite its bias. It would have been more informative if the numbers presented at the meeting were included in the article, but that would, obviously, not support the bias. My take away is that, clearly, at this time it is not in the best financial interest of the City, or it appears South Apopka, to annex. It's not the Mayors fault, it's not the councils fault, it's that ever present pesky thing called MATH. The Mayor and council are beholden to the City, to me and my neighbors, not South Apopka. If this annexation does not benefit us in some way, and will cost us more for the privilege, it's a simple decision, we shouldn't do it and we should stop wasting time and money on it. Had I been in the room I probably would have laughed out loud when Mr. Nesta said "From what I've heard, I feel there's an intrinsic value to being part of the city." What kind of nonsense is that? I mean really, please define this intrinsic value and tell me how it benefits HIS constituents in the City of Apopka. I think this horse has taken enough of a beating, and needs to go away. If South Apopka wants to become part of the City, let them organize the effort and present it in such a way that it is mutually beneficial.

From: City Council: Take the initiative to show South Apopka the benefits of being a part of Apopka

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