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The "One Apopka" drive to unite Apopka, north, south, east and west, was started for a very honorable desire. It was brought up time and time again at the Apopka City Council meeting, during former Mayor Kilsheimer's term. There eventually was a council vote taken, and there were both nays and yes votes from the council members. I believe Commissioner Velazquez stated she voted yes. I don't have the record here before me, but I was present at the meeting, and I do know Mayor K, and former Commissioner Ruth voted no. I can't remember the others. Correct me, if I am wrong. It has been awhile. I think it was described as a proclamation There was nothing wrong with it, at all. However, some were fearful that there was more to the proclamation, and did not vote for it Here is the thing , about the "One Apopka" Proclamation.....former city attorney, Cliff Shepard, hope I got his name correct.. sat in on these city meetings, and he said it simply was a "feels good" attempt of unity, but not a legally binding one, and he said, in his own words, legally speaking,, " it had no teeth". Okay, so this annexation DOES, and has teeth alright! Look for your taxes to go up, look for code enforcement to go crazy, look for your properties to possibly be eminent domained, if a developer needs your property to complete his big development. Developers are waiting licking their chops! I am telling you the truth. It is a land grab, it is political. The county has way more revenue to spend on South Apopka wants and needs, way more. It is the county that should be held more accountable to unincorporated Apopkans. So be forewarned, but if being in the city is your desire, then that is okay by me.

From: Commissioner Smith proposes five-year plan to annex South Apopka

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