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I have been listening to the latest annexation meeting, and I also listened to the previous meeting, that was held in November last year. You politicians need to stop with your drama, and let the people of South Apopka decide what they want, and not what you want! Push to get the referendum set up, and let the residents of unincorporated Apopka vote! Clearly, there are residents for, and against annexation into the COA municipal boundaries. No independent consultant is needed, that is you all's idea (dangling carrot on a string bait....promises, promises, promises) to try to convince and brainwash holdouts that they would be better off in the city) but WOULD THEY??? You can't fool them! You all are not fooling me either! Last meeting , I couldn't believe Becker questioning the police chief with his question of how many residents in South Apopka would be in violation of code enforcement, if we annexed right then? It was a ridiculous question, of course the police chief said he didn't know! This shows Becker's true colors... Also, this latest meeting, Becker is not very convincing, when he tries to tell everyone the property taxes won't go up if South Apopka annexes into the city. Too bad they couldn't be hooked up to a lie detector device. I guess Becker can't state he hasn't heard anyone against the annexation now, especially after that one lady let him have it. Reggie, you told them be loud and clear, so they were! Also, Smith gives the impression that it was just the South Apopka people who worked in agriculture, picking fruit, working the greenhouses, firing the smudge pots in the winter, and doing the backbreaking dirty labor, no, it was a whole lot of people, all over this entire area, white, blacks, and all races, and not just South Apopkans, like Smith seems to indicate in his conversations at the annexation meeting.

From: Commissioner Smith proposes five-year plan to annex South Apopka

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