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I can't believe how hell-bent some people are on the city commission that continue to call for an internal investigation. The city attorney has advised you all not to be doing such an investigation because of pending litigation, but yet some of you all persist with this. I know this is political, because of your past alliances with the former fire chief, and his big donations to some of your campaigns, oh and one of the commissioner's full page Apopka Chief letter of support to him, before he was gone. You blame this fire chief, and are gunning for him to be fired. I guess you would be real happy, and would feel so powerful. He didn't kill Austin. Others could be blamed in the fire department, including the former fire chief, for not sending the sand trailer to the public works scrap yard to be cut apart or sent to scrap, rather than just storing it intact. Do you like me suggesting that one? I don't think so! So you all need to stop this finger-pointing and blame game. It was an accident! Accidents happen. No one knew Austin was going to get hurt and die. It was not intentional as the "one and only" suggested. That is disgusting, his insinuation! To see the fire chief stand up there at the podium and explain what is being done, how his department has be affected by Austin's death, and that it is very emotional, and you, Commissioner Becker attack him like you did, interrupting him, and basically doing your damnest to humiliate him was shameful! I have never seen any commissioner of the past, in all my years of watching council meetings act so unbecoming of a commissioner. Put your political bias aside, quit being a tyrant, or go invest in some anger management, or impulse control classes please! Stop the blame game, leave it to the safety professionals, and to the courts, and the attorneys.

From: Mayor Nelson: It's time to listen, and take action

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