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I know where two little wild birds were on Christmas Eve night. They found shelter from the cold and wind under our carport on top of our air conditioner. Bless their little hearts......I am reading about sleet in Brevard County. This makes me remember back to years ago in Jan. of 1977, when it snowed here in Apopka, and covered the top of my old Ford Maverick. My husband was bowling with his team at Winter Garden, and I was so excited, I called the bowling alley, to have him come to the service desk to tell him. ( didn't have cell phones back then). The snow stuck really great to my car. We got married in 1976, and my car got messed up with "just married" and other writings all over my car, that could still be seen, after it was washed. My husband's uncle said if we were going to do a DIY paint job to it, then be sure to use non- sanding primer. Well, who knew you STILL had to sand it? That car of mine, that we painted, was a pretty color, but had a really rough surface, and the snow really clung to the surface! Live and learn, LOL.

From: Lake Apopka is for the birds, bird lovers and the Christmas Birding Count

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