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My husband and I went over to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner. The line to get in was extremely long, and out the door, and raining lightly. We finally got up to the register and paid, and waited for the staff to find us a table. Well, we no sooner sat down, got our plates to go serve ourselves, and then the power went out! It was totally dark in there! Then it started getting very hot in there, and very very smoky. I was angry and started bitching. They said that 600 people, and other businesses were knocked out of power too. The cops had the road blocked off out front ( 434) and power crews were everywhere. People inside had to use their cellphone flashlights just to see what was in the trays on the buffet line. It was a disaster, and I was mad! Why turkey day? Believe it or not, they kept serving with no power! A nice lady fixing to eat coming in, ask me was it romantic, and I said no way, it was horrible! So you will know, if you go.......

From: On this day: Thanksgiving date resolved

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