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Ah Charles, my great friend and co-conspirator, Once again, nothing more need be added to your wise words! A treasure beyond anything one can even try to imagine, an Eternity in His Presence to spend time with Him and explore this infinite universe! I am writing this today on a separate matter, unrelated to your thought-provoking article.

Considering the day, I thought a bit of history might be interesting! As our Founding Fathers were developing the framework to our great nation no one less than Ben Franklin himself proposed that we adopt the Turkey as our National Symbol, he considered the bird to have many fine and admirable qualities which would positively depict the character of this emerging nation! In the point of view of that renowned pundit, Stan Freeberg, had this come to pass, today, we would all be about to sit down to a scrumptious holiday meal of roast Eagle!

From: Treasure in unlikely places

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