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I just read about the local lady who stopped her vehicle to pick up a turtle to rescue it crossing the road in traffic, and she got hit and killed by a vehicle. OMG, may she rest in peace....Then I think of some of the people around Apopka here, who all they think about is $$$$$$ and don't care at all about saving the gopher tortoises in the conservation area set aside for their preservation. I don't know why they keep pushing for this. Well, yes I do. Some of these same people who are advocating for the selling of the 51 acres of turtle land, are some of the same ones carrying on about creating green spaces, and calling for pocket parks, and going on and on about the environment, and over development!!!! Thinking about the lady who lost her life trying to save the turtle, I know my husband has helped many a turtle across the roadways usually at my urging. I used to pick some of them up, and move them, until I saw just how long some of the turtle species necks could come out of its shell, and changed my mind about picking them up. You really have to wash your hands afterwards as they do carry diseases too. You can get in legal trouble moving the gophers too, but we still took the risk to move them out of the road.

From: City Council approves Florida Gopher Tortoise Day in Apopka; but will the gopher tortoises survive?

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