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Here we go again. Another missed opportunity for Apopka!!!!!! Kyle Becker is to blame for this. He politicized the heck of this and AGAIN Apopka misses out on the start of something great.

4 years ago Nelson brought people outside of Apopka Supporting JK. Now 4 years later Becker is doing the same at the expense of the city (station street). And when are they going to bring this back up for a vote? What’s stupid is the following they have regarding people outside Apopka contributing to a candidate. Could they be friends? I mean cmon its stupid. The fact none of them knew it wasn’t a commitment but a vote to move forward to release additional information is embarrassing for all of them. Bankston realizes it was a stupid decision, Velasquez realized it was a mistake due to a lake of info, Smith realized it was a mistake but Becker stands by his moral convictions in spite of how its affecting Apopka. Even after the Chambers CEO and the Small Business council spoke Becker had egg on his face but this is what happens when you play politics. Becker needs to stop listening to his campaign manager the Apopka Critic because it may cause him the election. I don’t care for nelson but becker isn’t looking like a rose either. The fact is he’s been in office for 8 years and has done what?

From: Benge, Manley scold City Council on rejecting Station Street project

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