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Just reading this it sounds like this meeting was completely ridiculous. We absolutely should NOT do business with Benge after that tirade! If he did donate to Nelson's campaign, he should NOT get the bid. That is clear politics. He obviously thinks he is talking to a bunch of country bumpkins who don't know anything! And Manley is only in charge of the Chamber, don't know why she is even speaking so strongly on this? Everyone I know wants a "NICE" towncenter with nice restaurants and good retail stores. We want to UPGRADE Apopka, not fill it with more things that are put together in a quilt-like pattern. We need a cohesive town and it CERTAINLY is not that right now! If we get some crappy business' in the RFP process. Close the RFP and re-open it again when we have decent folks applying. It would be better to wait & solicit better contractors, than give it some jerk.

From: Benge, Manley scold City Council on rejecting Station Street project

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