From the office of Rep. Val Demings

Today Rep. Val Demings, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, participated in a hearing on HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. Rep. Demings is a cosponsor of the bill and has led efforts in Congress to pass meaningful legislation to prevent gun violence.

Video of her remarks can be found here.

Said Rep. Demings, “The energy today has been incredible. The young Americans, survivors, and other gun safety advocates who packed the committee room this morning are eager for action, and I and my Democratic colleagues are going to deliver with real solutions to protect our communities and our families. America’s young people deserve immense credit for showing our country that gun violence must be a national priority.

“27 years as a law enforcement officer taught me that guns in the wrong hands exponentially increase the danger to American families and my fellow officers. Law enforcement is a dangerous job. Last year, 52 law enforcement officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. Six have been shot and killed while on duty this year. These deaths are correlated with access to firearms. Loopholes in the law allow criminals easy access to guns, and that puts all of us—both officers and civilians alike—at risk.

“Background checks keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. Fixing the loopholes in our background check system is common sense, and more than 90% of Americans agree. This common-sense bill should be embraced by both Democrats and Republicans. It was President Reagan who said that legislation would be worth passing if it meant even small reductions in gun violence. My Republican colleagues should learn from his legacy.”


  1. We have a national epidemic o shooting deaths and gun violence plaguing our nation, and yet we have a president that does not see that issue as a problem, but who does see a “national emergency” regarding our southern border without a wall. Meanwhile, the irony of Trump’s imaginary national emergency is that down in Venezula, while a very real national emergency of their people starving, not having enough food, and not being able to afford to buy food, or anything else, rioting in the streets, bullets flying, and a government leader who is a dictator that is killing the people, and who is trying to stay in power with the rebels trying their best to overthrow him, and Maduro tells the world that there is NO NATIONAL EMERGENCY there!!! Isn’t it all too ironic? Sorry, for my misspellings……….

    • and remember that the democrats want the same type of government as Venezuela has and we see who that works and they want to let in all kinds of criminals un-vetted

      • Timothy, If you read Bernie Sander’s response to the question of Democratic Socialism, regarding his interviewer comparing Venezuela and Cuba’s governments with socialism that Bernie touts, Sanders explains that is NOT the type of government he is pushing for in this country. He explains he is referring to Medicare for all programs, free college for all, and expanded social security programs, and other programs for free child care, etc. much like Denmark and Sweden, not the dictatorship of Venezuela under Maduro’s leadership and Cuba. AOC was given a question about socialism too, after Trump’s socialist comments during his SOTU, and her response was she was not referring to a Venezuela type government like under Maduro, and that Trump was trying to confuse the American citizens into believing that socialism is only like Maduro’s dictatorship government. I have read up on Maduro and Venezuela, and it is my understanding that while yes, he is a brutal dictator, and uncaring of his people’s suffering, the country is truly not ran by just himself, but rather, by Cuba, Hugo Chavez’s political heirs, and the drug cartels, and even if he was taken out of power, it would not solve that country’s problems. As far as unvetted criminals, just look to our WH administration since Mr. Trump was elected. Mr. Trump did a nice speech, the SOTU, but he could of left out the part, of our country can’t be having constant investigations….. because it is going to happen, whether he likes it or not, under the Democratic House leaders! It looks like Trump is not running this country either, and that a lot of unknowns, behind the scenes, are the ones running this country too!

  2. I missed the SOTU address. I will have to catch it all on the internet. I have seen parts. I wasn’t at home, and GLAD I missed that big show. I enjoyed the Pelosi clap down though, lol. And I couldn’t have been prouder of that girl, AOC, and her response to her critic about not grinning and laughing like a hyena during Trump’s speech. She was sooo right….what was there to be warm and cozy about? She was so on clue when she told her critic, that we are being flown around without a pilot (the lack of a person at the helm) so to speak……to lead this country. I am proud of that girl! Whether you agree with her politics, or ideas, one thing about it is, she is not a shrinking violet, and answers her critics!!! And I apologize to referring to her as a girl, but at my age, she is a girl….lol

  3. Tiffany Trump looked stunning in her white outfit. Meanwhile big sis, Ivanka, and the rest of the Trump ladies looked like they had dressed for a night of mourning or funeral, all in black, lol. Very appropriate for President Trump’s speech! And I haven’t listened to it completely yet, but that was a long speech! OMG!

  4. I have been under the weather with the flu bug, or upper respiratory infection, plus a stomach virus. Let me tell you, it has been rough on me! I bought myself a car six days ago, and have been feeling too bad to drive it around. I told my husband to drive me around in my car. I have been sounding like a dog barking, and holding my chest, and really can’t afford to go to the doctor with no health insurance. I have plenty of OTC meds and prescription meds too, but so far, I am not over it all. First, my husband got sick, and I insisted he go to the Centra Care clinic for treatment, and I went with him, and sat in there, and guess what, the very next day I got sick. This happened to me once before when I went to Centra Care, and sat with my husband, when he was sick, and sat in there, and filled all the paperwork out for him, and waited on him to come out. I can’t say for certain, there are flu spores in the air in the lobby, but two different times after not being sick, even closely around my husband, then I got sick after just sitting in the clinic lobby!

  5. I finally did hear Trump’s complete SOTU address. It certainly was very odd that there was no mention of the government shutdowns in his talks! How could he not address that? I really think he enjoys the government shutdowns! Maybe he thinks that will slow down the FBI on his own investigation….who knows what goes through that man’s mind? I am so very sorry to hear of the TSA worker committing suicide in part, because of the government shutdown, by jumping from the 4th floor balcony at OIA. So very tragic…. Also, I heard of another federal worker who was very despondent over her financial situation of not getting paid for her federal job, and had actually considered ending it all. This is so shameful, to do our federal workers like this! Trump’s own family’s welfare is not on the line, and so I guess, he could care less if the federal workers get paid or not. Or if there is another shutdown looming…… If there is, he is the one who will shut it down! No one else to blame! I have seen the photos of the trash piled up at the national parks, and along the frontage of the White House, and it makes me very angry! There is no way our country should be running like this! No one to blame but Trump! All because of a damn wall, how ridiculous, it makes me so angry!!! So what is going to happen come Feb. 15th???????

  6. Looks like Andrew Gillum, is doing good in that he got hired as a new CNN commentator. I am just guessing that his new job might even pay more than his being mayor. Now Gillum can return the favor to Trump, after Trump ran Gillum down with his mouth, during the last election. Now Gillum can run Trump down on CNN, all he wants to! Karma baby!

  7. Reggie, I heard some very distressing news about a gun battle in an Apopka neighborhood on Ocean Av., I believe, that resulted in a man’s death. Do you have any more details about this gun battle and what motive led to this man’s death? It’s very scary to learn of gun battles going on in Apopka neighborhoods! Thanks so much Reggie……

  8. Yesterday my husband and I, and Joey Bo Bo Buttafucco, my dog, went to RS McDonalds and sat on the patio for a late breakfast, because Joey wanted to go too, and I went in to go to the restroom, and then….I SAW WHAT THEY HAD DONE TO THE NEWLY DECORATED DINING ROOM WALLS!!! OMG, I’m not trying to imply the interior decorator was drunk, or anything like that….BUT….LOL, what gives? One wall has a wallpaper that looks like maybe Trump’s wall? With ancient stones possibly, or maybe it is supposed to represent a wall you could climb, like a kid’s rock wall???? Another wall has sliced tree rings lined up and down, that you can count the tree’s rings to determine the age of the deceased trees. I hope they didn’t cut down those trees just to do that wall! Another wallpaper is solid dull black with big white rubbed round circles, like a kid painted it! Then as you head into the restroom, there is a wall with lines going in all strange directions, that made me dizzy, and yet another wall in the front corner that has a very large close- up of what looks like the knitted yarn pattern of a winter sweater. It is all so far-out, believe me! They also put in new restroom sink that shoots water toward you, instead of a downspout. They removed the table and chairs near the backdoor, and put in a narrow railing of a counter, and about five or six tiny little different colored ottomans to sit on, if you are the size of a Keibler elf….Just what were they thinking???? I am so speechless…..WTH, were they thinking???? Sorry, about the whining, BUT…..???????


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