Everything you need to know about the red light camera program to make an informed decision in The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll

Welcome back my friends to the story that never ends – the red light camera program in Apopka.

Are they good? Are they bad? Do they save lives or cause rear-end collisions? Are they a revenue stream Apopka needs to balance the budget? Or are they potentially a broken campaign promise that will fracture the community’s trust in elected officials?

Over the last two years, The Apopka Voice has published a number of articles about the red light camera program. These are the six articles we believe are the essential reads to make you an informed voter on the subject.

And speaking of voting, come back tomorrow for an opportunity to participate in our poll – The Apopka Reader’s Poll: Special Red Light Camera Edition. Help to shape¬†the future of Apopka as it applies to the future of red light cameras.

The poll starts at noon on Tuesday and concludes at noon on Wednesday. We hope you choose to participate. Here are the essential reads:


Everything you want to know about red light cameras…


APD Deputy Chief Fernandez: “Red light cameras are about public safety”


Red light camera video captures worst of 2016


Red light camera hearings a tough gauntlet to run


The coming debate: Red light cameras in Apopka


City Council votes to renew Red Light Camera Program



  1. Just ask yourselves this question: Why has Orange County been able to keep the same millage rate for the longest, and if you graft that out, it is like a flat-line, like a heart monitor gone wrong, no ups or downs. But look at this circus, here in Apopka, that is going on, wanting to raise taxes even though they spoke against it, during their campaigns. Bare bones budget, I bet…..Give me the red pen, I’ll find items to cut, if they can’t! I’ll make it happen! Orange County has a slightly larger millage rate than Apopka, but just look at all they run…animal shelters, jails, courthouse, etc. etc. on and on that Apopka does do…..

  2. Put the cops back out on the streets, where they belong, instead of at the cookies and milk kiddie story book readings, as that is not what they were hired for!

  3. Some time ago, Apopka added one second to the yellow intervals without FDOT permission and the violation rates dropped drastically – proving the yellow intervals were too short for either safety or the actual conditions. FDOT blackmailed Apopka into shortening the yellows again by that one second by threatening to withhold some highway funds. WHY does FDOT resist making camera intersections safer? That is obvious, the state gets an $83 sales commission on each $158 ticket without paying a penny of the high camera costs. FDOT and the state are for-profit business partners with the for-profit camera companies in the for-profit red light camera racket no one should tolerate.
    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association


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