By Charles Towne                        


Normandy, early June, 1944.  The kid was 18 years old.  He was one of the many thousands in the allied invasion force sent to wrest control of France from the grasp of its German conquerors.

The German Wehrmacht, (War machine) was poised and waiting like a hungry, blood thirsty predator to pounce, and ultimately to destroy the mixed force of allied invaders.

Thousands of men died on those invasion beaches.

It was on the second day that the platoon the kid was with happened upon a series of concrete German machine gun bunkers.  The platoon was hunkered down just trying to stay alive when one of the men cursed and exclaimed, “What in the h—l is that kid trying to do, get himself killed?”

The men looked, and there that green kid was, walking toward that German bunker with his M1 held across his chest like he was on parade.  They expected to see him get cut down in a hail of machine gun fire but it didn’t happen.

The kid walked up to the bunker cool as you please and pounded on the door with the butt of his rifle.  A minute later the door swung open and one of the Germans stood there talking to our man.

Then, would you believe it, the German walked back inside, and a minute later he led 21 German soldiers outside where they all laid down their weapons and stood in front of the kid with their hands in the air.  Would you believe it?

By the time he was finished, that 18-year old kid led 67 German soldiers back to headquarters company all by himself.  He explained his actions this way, “I’d seen enough killing on the beach when we landed.  I expect those German soldiers had too.  If they were half as scared as I was they would be happy to surrender, they just needed to be asked!”

Perhaps that is the reason we don’t see greater results in our Christian walk, we don’t ask?  Remember, Papa God is just yearning to be asked.

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. A story to uplift your spirit. Sounds almost like Sgt. York! I truly believe that the most devoted pacifists are soldiers because they don’t imagine, they know! Papa God is with us always and He watches over us,and does not send our guardian angels away just because we are a little older! Anyway may God bless and keep safe each and every person in uniform and all the rest of us also!

  2. Uplift! Wow, how insightful!! You aren’t just talking hooey. You sound like the sort I could call friend. May Papa God bless you and yourss as well as our leaders is my heartfelt prayer. Chaz

  3. Ever since first reading about that Kid saving those German lives that long ago day by offering them the olive branch of peace I am reminded of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. He didn’t come to save a few, but all. He invites you and I to leave the limiting darkness of the bunker of sin and enter into the sunshine of His magnificent love. Praise God, how I love thee o Jesus my Lord! Chaz

  4. Charles this story is so thought provoking. How did that young man even think of such an approach? A God inspired idea to be sure. Also, incredibly brave on the young man’s part! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I have no idea what the kid’s religious affiliation was and it doesn’t matter, I can’t help but imagine that Papa God was pleased. I heard a man say recently that Christianity is dead. When I heard this a picture of our Lord Jesus being crucified flashed into my mind. And then another picture of him ascending as victor, and then one more, numberless thousands, you and I among them, being caught up to meet Him in the air. No, Christianity is not a failure, and men like the kid will one day soon hear God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” To God be the glory, Amen! Chaz

  6. What a wonderful story! I had never heard that one. It makes me wonder how many times God is just waiting to pour His blessings on us, waiting to have His children run to Him and make our requests known so He can delight in giving to us…but we miss the opportunity. This is a nice reminder to me to not only ask, but thank God for all He does for us. Thank you Charles.

  7. Dear CSG, Thank you for your perceptive comment. You are so right. We have a Holy God just yearning for us to be a Holy people. As we ask, believing, He is anxious to fulfill our requests. As we praise Him, angels draw near in expectation of what He is going to do for us next. Blessing on us all, Chaz

  8. EJ, YEAH, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, WAR IS HELL. The thing that is so wonderful about the Kid’s story is that he opted to save lives instead of taking them. It is hard to calculate how many lives he saved that day. That was 67 Germans that were not shooting at our boys, 67 families that didn’t mourn the loss of a loved one, 67 times what? 67 souls because one young man decided enough was enough. Pretty neat I would say. Chaz

  9. Don, how right you are! The marvelous, the incredible, the miraculous thing is that HE is yearning for us to ask. There was a time that I questioned His willingness to answer our prayers. I was much more able to see Him as a cruel and unjust God, but now He has revealed to me His magnificent love, and that He really cares. Oh how I praise Him! He is the best friend we can ever have. When we realize that fact, true joy and happiness is finally within our grasp! Blessings on you and yours my young friend, Chaz

  10. This is an excellent article – truly inspirational. It is my pleasure to have the daily opportunity to talk to you at the fitness center. I look forward to reading your book.

  11. Mike, Thanks for the comment. My goal is to entertain and inspire. Believe me when I say the pleasure is mutual. Our gym isn’t full of fancy bells and whistles but it sure has more than its share of interesting people. God’s blessings on you and yours pal, Chaz

  12. We can relate to this story in another way. How many of us have harbored resentment toward an acquaintance, a family member? Emotional wars will rage until we sincerely offer friendship and understanding. I’m not saying to forgive – many claim to forgive but continue to hold grudges, remember misdeeds. This young soldier didn’t offer forgiveness, he merely wanted the battling to end; he wanted peace. Negative feelings will also end when we find soul health by rethinking situations, making a sincere effort to understand. From the cross,Christ looked down, “Forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.” When we internalize Christ’s compassion and
    understanding, – we will be rewarded with soul peace. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

  13. Very wise advice. Help us O Holy God, help us to be peacemakers, not avengers. Help us so that the words we speak are edifying, healing, and full of mercy. Help us O Holy God, help me to be the epitome of our Lord. Bless you dear one, thank you for bringing it home. blessings to you and yours sis, Chas

  14. What a step of Faith! The kid had to know his decision could cost him his life. Yet he was willing to try to save lives. I’m sure God’s hand was leading the Kid that day! Thanks for an inspiring story!

  15. Don, you are so right! Just imagine the lives impacted that day. The kid had to go to his grave as an old man knowing that he had done the right thing. The German soldiers were certainly impacted, as were the American soldiers. Think of all the families that were impacted, and now fast forward to today. As people read the story they have to see the hand of God at work. God bless you my friend, Chaz

  16. Oh, I have to put this one on my Facebook page!! Doesn’t the scripture say, “if your enemy hungers feed him, if he thirsts give him a drink. In so doing we will heap coals of fire on his head”? Doesn’t that mean we may actually gain a friend? What a brave and discerning “kid”!

  17. Hey Linda, the way I see it the kid set a wonderful example of love for each of us that long ago day. Your daddy would have loved that story, Uncle Chuck


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