Court Dates Now Available on Website

The Orange County Clerk of Courts has launched a new website feature that now helps customers find an upcoming court date for themselves or for a family member.

The Clerk’s Office receives many phone calls from customers looking for an upcoming court date, since there has been no easy way to find that information in the past. That is why the Clerk’s Office partnered the 9th Judicial Circuit to help people find any upcoming court hearing, date, time, and location without having to make a phone call.

From the Clerk’s Office website at, users can now click on “Court Dates” from the top navigation bar. From that page, customers can find a court date by entering a case number or a defendant’s or party name.

You can also search by date to see an entire listing of court hearings scheduled for an upcoming day. This search tool will provide a court date, time, and location for an upcoming hearing.

To use this new feature and learn more, go to


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