By Reggie Connell/Managing Editor of The Apopka Voice

SOMEWHERE ABOVE THE ATLANTIC OCEAN – Thats right Apopka, I’m on my way to Paris for a couple of weeks to give my readers a perspective from another continent. No expense is spared in bringing you the news that engages and inspires you to make a difference in your community.

Even if it means a transatlantic flight to a faraway land.

Paris in the 1920s was a creative melting pot that inspired great authors like Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce to pen some of the greatest novels ever written.

It seems like the perfect venue for me to conclude “Falconland II”, the sequel to my first novel that I put off finishing for a couple years while establishing The Apopka Voice, and for starting the biography of retired Apopka Commissioner Billie Dean.

If all goes well, I will glean the same inspiration that those great writers did almost a century ago, and then return to Apopka rejuvenated and ready to push forward with both The Apopka Voice and “An unexpected icon: The life and times of Billie Dean”.

But during this time, The Apopka Voice will still be publishing articles just as it has every day for almost three years. Not only will you continue to receive local news, but if there are stories I run across while on the other side of the pond that I think might interest you, I’ll be certain to share them.

But don’t worry Apopka, I’ll be back in time to cover the historic first State of the City address delivered by Mayor Bryan Nelson, and to report on Election Day November 6th. Those are two events that not even the distance of an ocean could keep me from writing about.

If you need to reach me, it will probably be best to email me at I’m told international phone calls and texts are sketchy at best. But in the meantime, stay safe Apopka and I’ll see you soon.


  1. Well be careful Reggie, it’s dangerous over there, and after you find what you are seeking, come on back home, where it’s safe, lol. Don’t consume any horse meat steaks at the restaurants, when you are there in France…. there are deadly chemicals in those horse steaks!

  2. Mr. Hawk, please, you be nice to Mama Mia now. She is only expressing her genuine feeling because she has never tasted horse steaks. Chaz


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