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By Charles Towne                        

From my early kid-hood I remember Ole.

Sometimes we meet somebody that impresses us so much we think “when I grow up I want to be just like him!”

Ole was not one of those people.

Ole was the brunt of everybody’s laughter, everybody’s ridicule, everybody’s disgust.

Why, you might ask, were people so quick to point a disparaging finger at our friend Ole?  You might ask, so having asked, I will tell you.

Ole was the town drunk.

When I was a kid I don’t remember ever seeing him sober.

In my hometown there was a bar.  Behind the bar were stored the “empties” – beer bottles that had been emptied by the tavern’s thirsty clientele – and there, when he was in need of a drink, could be found Ole, upending each bottle and sucking it dry for “just one more drop.”

Ole slept wherever he happened to be at the moment.  He would curl up in a doorway, on the sidewalk, or, in the winter if the sheriff was feeling especially charitable, on a bunk in the local jail.

If any discerning soul had cared enough to give him a second thought, it was quite obvious that Ole was on a one way slippery slope to a place of no return.

And then it happened.

Ole, in a drunken stupor, fell asleep on the train tracks that ran through our small town.

Perhaps he was tired of all the ridicule.  Maybe he was sick and tired of his own stench.  Or he could have just been.. tired… of a life that was no life at all

It is so sad when people, people just like you and I, give up and surrender to what they see as the inevitable.

This ugly demon of a pandemic that is raging through our cities right now might appear to some to be unstoppable – an irresistible force meeting an immovable object – and we, or so it appears, are the immovable object.

Or are we?

This thing, this vile thing, this many-headed beast that is dragging its evil, slimy presence through our streets, is already conquered.

As Christians that care deeply about our nation and our fellow citizens in it, we have one thing we can do to move us forward. We can pray. And as we unite in cooperation and in prayer, we will lift our one voice to God, and look to him for the strength and spirit we need in this time. A spirit of dependence on Him. I believe as we do, we will see an end to this thing that was hatched, and be free once again.

Oh yes, Ole?  We can’t leave him snoring there on the rail road tracks waiting for the train, his date with destiny, resigned to his own demise, can we?

Miraculously somebody found Ole lying there on the tracks in a drunken stupor and took him to a hospital in Aurora, Illinois.

What I haven’t told you is that at one time Ole, (not his real name) had been a doctor, and a very good doctor, I might add.  He was married with a family when His wife and little girl were killed in an auto accident, and this is what drove him off the deep end and caused him to start drinking.

After such a tragedy, who is to blame him?

Dr. Ole, with care and love, dried out.  He became a consultant for an insurance firm and lived a long and happy life, I might add, just like you and I are going to live when this episode, this pandemic, is past.

Bless you all. My prayer is that God will give you all much joy and love.

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. I agree! Focus on the good “take-away”. Perhaps this might be time with family, new skills learned, or a well deserved break from work. This too shall pass and will be a memory we talk about for years to come. Enjoy! Love your article and the picture, too!

    • NH, as our friend survived his years of living in a bottle, not only surviving but thriving in the future years of his life, so will we. Yes, you are right, we will learn from it. Tomorrow is a new day, let us care for other, and let Jesus shine in and out of each of us. Bless you and yours, Chaz

  2. Nice story Dear Charlitos … It reminds when I lost the most precious part of my life : My Mom and my Second Bro (my mentor or second father). My Adorable Auntie besides Body’s Mom said : You’ll move forward or you will fall into madness. I’m sure you’ll go for the first option.
    Today I thank GOD for giving me the most tough lady who gave me life and all to survive in this current mad world. And all mines who have given me everything to passing through and go forward and Beyond. Thanks too Little Bro !!!

    • Leo my friend, your aunt was wise and we will move forward, forward and upward. No madness here! Bless you my friend, Chaz

  3. Dr. Ernie, let it be said of us that we bought hope, joy and inspiration to the world. Thanks for the encouragement, Chaz

  4. I LOVE stories with hopeful, happy endings…especially when they are true!! Thank God there is a happy ending waiting for us, if we can just keep our focus on the Lord
    The Bible says God will never leave us nor forsake us.
    Sometimes things look so bad and hopeless, but we can rest assured the Lord is in charge and has it all under control. Keep your faith strong, keep praying and stay positive. Thanks Chuck, for the great story…very encouraging!

  5. Dear CSG, I think that is what is so powerful about creating a friendship with Papa God, it is all TRUE! No malarkey, no b.s., nothing fake! He never lies, He keeps His promises, FOREVER. What a wonderful God we serve. He is the great encourager, the LIFE GIVER! WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE! Bless you dear friend, Chaz

  6. After reading the story about “Ole” carefully. I can say that when I thought that everything was lost and “Ole” would die on the train tracks. The Miracle of aid resurfaced and the good Samaritan appeared and we all need love and help in our lives and our Lord is in charge of mobilizing his angels and sending then to the rescue. Beatiful story Mr Charles a hug and many blessings to you.

    • Dear Magaly Suarez Rodriguez, Isn’t our God wonderful? i can say from personal experience that our wonderful God never leaves his children without His blessed assurance. If we look we can always see Him working in our lives. Tell us a little about Spain, I know our readers will appreciate what you have to say.
      Bless you dear friend, Charles

  7. Found this on VOICE FB PAGE MY grandfather who was also a man liken OLE walked in to aSALVATION ARMY meeting Came out SOBER and never touched Alchol again,, PRAISE GOD!

    • EJA, O dear friend, how blessed you are! I am so happy that you shared the story about your grand daddy with my readers. May our papa God bless you and yours forever and keep you all safe in these troubling times. Chaz

  8. After reading the story about “Ole” very carefully, I can say that when I thought that everything was lost and “Ole” would die on the train tracks, the miracle of aid resurfaced and the good Samaritan appeared and we all need love and help in our lives, and our Lord is in charge of mobilizing his angels and sending then to the rescue. Beatiful story Mr. Charles, a hug and many blessings to you

  9. Powerful story. Yes we will get through this virus if our politicians so not rush to reopen as Florida only source of operating funds are Sales Taxes. So rather than redo the budget, we reopen business so that the taxes will again flow to Tallahassee. Politicians do not see the value of a human life.

  10. Herbert Weissman, as much as it pains me I have to agree with you on the human life thing.Boy am I glad that Papa God is not a politician! The best thing that can come from this thing is that it will persuade americans to turn back to Him! Bless you folks, Chaz

  11. We will survive and hopefully have learned some valuable lessons in the process. Regardless of what the politicians do it is our personal responsibility to do whatever we have to do to stay healthy.

  12. Miguel mi amigo, let us pray that this thing draws us back to our wonderful Papa God! That is what this country needs more than anything. I pray that you folks are well and happy. Bless you both, Chaz

  13. It is always a blessing when someone gets a second chance in life…so glad Ole got that and seized it! If only we all were wise enough to realize we ALL need Someone to rescue us from the misery of this old world. I am so thankful for the hope of a better world when this one is over! Blessings!!!

  14. Yes, yws, yes! You hit it right on my dear daughter Faithy. The thing is we are all living by Papa God’s incredible mercy and grace!Bless you and yours, Your Daddy

  15. When I was 4-5 years old I remember an old man, that had a white beard like Santa, and he walked the sidewalks in my hometown of Sanford, Florida. Never heard where he came from, and when I asked my Mother about him she said everyone called him “Happy”. Happy walked the sidewalks with his hands behind his back, and moved very slow. To me he looked like the oldest man I had ever seen. As he walked the sidewalks of Sanford people would come up and put money in his hand. Happy never talked….just walked the sidewalks of Sanford. One day I asked my Mother if I could I have some money to put in his hands, and she gave me a nickle. When I put the nickle in his hand, he never looked around and never said a word, just closed his hand around the money. Years later I heard that the downtown Fire Station let Happy sleep in a little shelter they had fixed for him, and one day they found that Happy had passed away during the night. He didn’t have a problem like your Ole, but something happened in Happy’s life but the people of Sanford never mistreated or made fun of Happy. (This was in the late 1930’s)

  16. Dear Don, your story about Happy tells us something beautiful about the human spirit. I have an idea that Happy was a veteran of ww1. He likely suffered from shell shock and who knows what else. There are many heroes among the citizens of our great country. God bless Happy, and the people of Sanford. Beautiful story my friend, thanks for sharing. May our Papa God bless you, Chaz
    P.S. I feel sorry for the young people of today. They miss out of so much. We need to value the elderly for many reasons, they have memories to share, that once they are gone, they are gone for good. Love you pal, C

  17. After reading the story about “Ole” very carefully, I can say that when I thought that everything was lost and “Ole” would die on the train tracks, the Miracle of aid resurfaced and the good Samaritan appeared and we all need love and help in our lives, and our Lord is in charge of mobilizing his angels and sending then to the rescue. Beatiful story Mr. Charles, a hug and many blessings to you

  18. Magaly Suarez, Dear friend of a dear friend! Imagine how many lives have been touched in a beautiful way by Ole’s story! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. May Papa God bless you and your family is my prayer, Charles


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