By Charles Towne 

“O God!” I cried, and that was all. But what then, are the prayers of the entire universe more than an expansion of that one cry?  It is not what God can give us, but God that we want.”

-George MacDonald

All my life I have prayed to get things from God, but now I pray to get God.

O loving God, dear heavenly father, there is nothing I desire more than to be close to you, and yet, out of my gross ignorance, out of my stubbornness, and my pride, so often I have chosen to walk alone.
Why is this?  Why do I separate myself from you when I know that you are the only true source of peace for my soul?
You call to me, and I hear your voice, in my innermost soul I hear your voice speaking my name, and you say; “Come my child, walk with me for awhile.”  And I turn my back, and walk away, alone.
I hear your blessed voice as you say, “Sit with me my child; please, let us sit in peace, for I want you to know me.”  And I walk away to do some thing… something, more important.
I hear your voice calling to me, “Come my child, learn of me; learn of my great love for you.”  And I turn my back, ignoring your supplication, and go my own way, in ignorance.
Why is it O God, that I yearn for you on one hand, and yet flee from you on the other, Why, O God do I do this?
Why O God, when I know in my innermost being, that you are my only hope; why do I choose to be alone?
Please O God, I don’t want to be alone.  I don’t want to walk this thorny, rocky path on my own.  I cannot do this on my own, for if I do, I will perish.  Please, walk with me, be my guide.
Talk to me, guide me, dwell with me, and in me.  Speak to my heart, speak to my heart O Holy God, let me hear your voice speaking my name.
I know that you love me with an undying love, a love beyond words, a love beyond description, a love indescribable.
Please God, help me to love you, to yearn for you, to desire you, beyond my imagination.
I know that you yearn for my trust. I know that you are my only hope, my refuge, my all in all.  Take me now.  Accept my humble worship, for it is all I know how to give.  Thank you, Daddy, thank you O God, thank you.
Accept me in my failed, weak condition now, starting today, transform me into the creature you have designed me to be.
This is my prayer O God, this is my supplication, for it is my greatest desire,
O holy God, please, beginning today, disregarding all that is past, draw me to you.
Please, be my constant companion; that I may be like Jesus.
I love you father.  Let your love overwhelm me.   Submerge me in your perfect love.  Drown me in your holy love.  Let your love become my character.
I pray this, knowing full well that you will not withhold any good thing from one of your children.

In Jesus perfect and Holy name I ask it, Amen.

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Chuck, you have put into words my own heart-cry! I think my problem involves “make busy” projects that would be better delayed. I try to do so much in my own way, and many times never call upon God for help. Help I know He is willing and ready to give….IF I only would take time to pray and ask for His help. Thanks for a very helpful reminder of the awesome God we serve, and how He stands ready to help. If we would only ask!

  2. Don, yeah, what you describe is a real human problem. He tells us, “you have not because you ask not.” But, little by little we are learning. Thanks for the insightful comment pal, Chaz

  3. Beautifully said Chuck. Walking with the Lord is something I have often ignored in my life, I’m ashamed to say. However, when I do walk with God the peace I get is indescribable. God bless you and yours as always.


  4. Dear NH, My prayer is that each of us, you and I and everyone, may genuinely know Him as the wonderful friend He is. When that happens we will realize a joy and a peace unbounded. Let us pray for a close walk with the life-giver. Blessings on you and yours my dear friend. Chaz

  5. Donnie, I think it is a fact of life and a state of being that we imagine that we can do it all on our own. What I want more than anything else is to have a breathing, living, glorious walk with Papa God and yet, in my humanity I fail! But, He, at those times, is probably closer, more accessible, than at any other time. What would happen if our spiritual eyes were opened and we could see His Glory and love surrounding us, even for a moment? Please Father, let each of us feel your presence, feel the warmth of your love, today. Chaz

  6. “Romans 8:26-27
    In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

    Charles, like Don, you have put my heart cry into words, too. You are a sweet blessing. Your words are appreciated and timed perfectly for me. Thank you.

  7. Oh dear Gymrat, my dear friend, thank you. Let it be said of us that we hear God’s cry and answer with joy, knowing full well that He will never withhold any good thing from those that love Him. Thanks for your kind words. Blessings on you and yours, Chaz

  8. Charles, you are a Christian mystic, one who passionately longs for the presence of a loving God, your “Papa God.” Keenly aware of God’s longing for expressions of His children’s love, you stand in a long line of mystics, starting with Jesus’ Beloved Disciple. As a student of World Religions, I have discovered that you have spiritual cousins in other religions. I’m reminded of the Sufi saint, Rabia, an orphaned slave girl, who prayed to God, “If I worship Thee Lord from fear of Hell then burn me in Hell! If I worship Thee for hope of Paradise, shut against me the gates of Paradise! But if indeed, I worship Thee for Thine own sake, so bless me that I may abide in communion with Thine Eternal Beauty.” Surely God understands and accepts the longing for the presence of God expressed by her as well.

  9. Oh Ernie, were it only so! Except for the fact that most mystics were considered to be mad, than please oh Holy God, let me then be mad. To be considered sane, and yet without God, I prefer madness, if in that madness I am not found wanting of, and for thy love. Thank you sir, Chaz

  10. Ernie, One of my favorite Christian writers, C.S. Lewis, so aptly expressed himself when he wrote in his Reflections on the psalms, “We must suppose ourselves to be in perfect love with God-drunk with, drowned in, dissolved by, that delight which, far from remaining pent up within ourselves as incommunicable, hence hardly tolerable, bliss, flows out from us incessantly again in effortless and perfect expression, our joy no more separable from the praise in which it liberates and utters itself than the brightness a mirror receives is seperate from the brightness it sheds. The Scotch catechism says that man’s chief end is “to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” But we shall then know that these are the same thing. Fully to enjoy is to glorify. In commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting us to enjoy Him.”

  11. I find myself longing for such closeness to my Savior and at the same time heading in directions which fight against Him. What a mess I am. But despite me, He answers and helps. How about that!

  12. Dear Wee Bee, yeah, how about that! MERCY! Mercy is His name. I like the thought that I heard expressed years ago. It was confronting the issue of a loving God, and basically it said, “And God himself will instruct them in righteousness.” I believe it was speaking of those honest in heart down through the ages, those that heard the voice of God, and knowing not whose voice they heard, nonetheless, they answered to the affirmative, and God, in His mercy, took it as acceptable service. Chaz

  13. Thank you Chuck for expressing so honestly what so many of us feel. Thank you, God, for dissolving the barriers we perceive to be between us.

  14. Dear Papa God, help each of us, inspire us that we may be what you designed us to be and continue to let your light shine on each of us and warm us in the sunshine of your divine love. Thank you Daddy, in Jesus’ wonderful name we ask it. Amen

  15. This is very thoughtful and insightful article. We must stay in the fire and not be the ember that strays away and becomes cold and useless. It is so easy to be doing the right thing for the wrong reason and find ourselves completely out of God’s will. Lord, help me to be a Mary, and not a Martha!

  16. I am reminded of Romans 7:19,
    paraphrased….those things that I want
    to do, I don’t…and those things I don’t
    want to do, I do.
    Thank you Lord, for forgiving us, for loving us and continuing to keep us in all our ways.
    I pray you make us hungry for you.
    For we know that YOU and only YOU, can satisfy us.

  17. Dear CSG, WELL SAID! As we call out to Him He is always faithful and just to answer according to our need. Thank you O God for your incredible faithfulness. Chaz

  18. Dear LJZS, SO VERY TRUE. I find it sometimes difficult to maintain that constancy of intent and purpose that I believe you refer to, but God is faithful, praise Him, he is faithful. Help us Father that we will not waiver, but be consistent in all things pertaining to you. Thanks for the comment LJZS, and may our wonderful God bless you and yours. Chaz

  19. You really made me put my thinking cap on this week. Every week in church I find my self asking for his mercy to help friends in need. Whether they be sick, having fallen on hard times or simply needing guidance. I believe that many times my prayers are answered. I believe that I have been very fortunate in my life thanks to God and that he now guides me in my effort to “give back”. Science could never begin to explain His means of communication – especially our knowing when to listen when He calls. To me, it all boils down to faith.

  20. Mike, “…and faith comes from believing!” My Daddy, with his third grade education once told me that, “perfect science is based on direct observation independent of theory.” Theory is a thing believed but not proven, but when we see his hand at work in our lives, then we can rejoice because He is. If we have faith we are going to see the evidence of God’s wondrous working in our lives. There is nothing too big or too small for for Him to handle. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanks mike, Blessings on you and yours, Chaz

  21. I was just listening to a song my son posted on Facebook that brought real blessing to my soul that said thoughts along this same as you have expressed. You can find it on YouTube also. It’s called, Captivate Us, Oh, LORD by Watermark. It really touched my soul!

  22. Yes Sissy, I guess there is nothing we need more than for Him to captivate us. Praise God, He never gives up on us, it is us that quit the good fight. Blessings on you and yours. Unka Chuck

  23. Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God and these things will be added comes to heart. If we love on the Father there will be no good thing withheld. But we have it backwards; in prayer asking for things. When asking HIM to fix things. But if we do the a works of the Lord, HE is faithful to care for our Need – which is HIM.
    Great words from the heart Chuck


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