Scam Alert:

Residential burglaries tied to “distraction scam”

 From the Orange County Sheriff’s Office
According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, there have been multiple distraction-scam burglaries to residences throughout the central Florida region.
There have been 10 cases since March so far within Orange County, occurring county-wide and during daytime hours. The elderly are targeted.
Here’s what happens: a suspect knocks on the victim’s door posing as a county employee, landscaper, or some kind of laborer seeking permission to inspect the victim’s yard.
The victim allows access to the property and both the suspect and the victim are outside in the yard for approximately 20 minutes.
During this time, the suspect is on his phone/radio/walkie-talkie, possibly communicating with a second suspect that is inside of the residence stealing property.
When the suspect leaves, the victim realizes that property is missing from within the residence.
Please be aware of any suspicious laborers asking to do some form of yard work in your backyard. Ask for credentials if someone claims to work for the county or a lawn-maintenance company.
Make sure to always lock your residence and notify the authorities of any suspicious behavior.
There have been different suspect descriptions, but the majority of the descriptions are of a White or Hispanic male, late 20s/early 30s, dark hair and dark eyes, 5’4”-5’8” tall, approximately 180 lbs. The suspect vehicle descriptions include a white pick-up truck, a white (possibly Nissan) SUV, a silver station wagon, and a tan 4-door sedan (Nissan or Honda Accord). In the most recent case, the suspect was missing some teeth on the upper and lower portions of his mouth.
There is a Crimeline reward for any information. Call 800-423-8477.


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