Decision Apopka 2018/ The noon report

Only 335 votes cast since polls opened

Updated at 5:30 PM: A steady, off-and-on rain that has been present since the polls opened at 7 AM seems to be hampering voter turnout in the Apopka City Commission Seat #2 election between Alice Nolan and incumbent Commissioner Diane Velazquez. As of 5:30 PM, only 847 voters had gone to the Apopka Community Center or the Northwest Recreation Complex to cast their ballots.

Combined with 1,863 early voting and mail-in-ballots cast, the total election turnout is at 2,715, which is far behind the record-setting pace of 6,493 that voted in the March 13th general election. 4,808 of those votes were cast for either Nolan (2,478) or Velazquez (2,330) in the general election.

Stay with The Apopka Voice all day for wall-to-wall coverage of the election for updates and election results as soon as they are known after the polls close at 7:00 PM.




  1. Yes, a slow election day…..Reggie, do you have any news as to what has happened on Maine St. in the unincorporated section, of the homes between Old Dixie Avenue and Martin St., that goes by the AHS here in Apopka near my area? We drove by shortly after 2:00 pm today, and there was an ambulance, fire truck, cops, and a guy putting on latex gloves…..we came back down the road just a few minutes ago, and there is a swarm of OCSD police, crime tape around the front, and a crime scene investigation van…..NOT GOOD! Do you know if our neighborhood is safe, or if anyone is being sought after???? No place is safe anymore!!! The house with the crime tape is middle ways down on Maine St. on the west side of the street. Do you know if AHS is on lockdown, because of the crime scene?

  2. I forgot that AHS is all ready out for the day…….sorry. Still wondering about what is going on with the crime scene though…..

  3. Thanks Reggie, I feel better knowing it was not foul play involved now, but I am truly sorry that the man passed away, and that his wife had to find him deceased.


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