Election 2018

At 5:30 PM, 134,671 Orange County voters had cast a ballot today at their polling places. Those voters, combined with vote-by-mail and early voting tallies, bring the turnout up to 451,850, which is 56.6% of registered voters.

In the last midterm election (2014), only 44.26% of Orange County voters cast a ballot.

In Apopka precincts, lines are steady and no one has reported any issues that would hamper voters, according to Danaë Rivera-Marasco, Communications Specialist at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

The time to vote once in the polling places is slightly longer than average for voters because of an unusual amount of amendments (12) on the ballot.

The polls close at 7 PM.

Stay with The Apopka Voice all day for updates and election results as soon as they are released by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.


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