Hot dog lovers, rejoice!

Charlie Graingers, known for its unique hot dogs, brisket and BBQ, is coming to Apopka.

restaurant hot dogsThe company submitted plans with the City of Apopka last week to open its third Florida restaurant. ┬áThe new restaurant will be located next to the very-soon-to open Tijuana Flats in Victory Plaza shopping center at 921 West US Highway 441. The Apopka restaurant is now listed on the company’s “Coming Soon” section on its website.

Charlie Graingers’ menu features 18 different hot dog items with names such as the Peacock, the Mailman, the Emerald Coast, the Wildcat, the Jamaican, the Cape Fear and many more.

If you are not a big hot dog fan, that is OK, since Charlie Graingers also offers “housemade sandwiches”, salads and sides.

Use this link to check out their online menu.

Charlie Graingers is a fairly new company with five locations in North Carolina and two each in Florida, Mississippi and South Carolina.

But the company has big plans to open more than 100 locations in Florida.



  1. Sounds like food I would like. Bar-b-q, brisket, hot dogs, and oh yeah, pimento cheese! If you are from the south, you probably like pimento cheese. I used to like the Palmetto Farm brand sold by Winn-Dixie then they discontinued that brand. The others don’t compare, they are icky. I tried making my own with a recipe, but it wasn’t the same. They should not of discontinued that brand! You develop acquired taste to certain things then they discontinue them……that makes me MAD. Yeah, I grew up on pimento cheese sandwiches, and tomato soup which had to be Campbells.

  2. Joanne, they do? I guess I overlooked the obvious place, oh my goodness. I will go and get me some very soon. Thank you so much!

  3. looks like a fun place for gourmet hot dogs! Thousands of us wish though Apopka would get a healthy place a Jasons Deli salad bar or a national chain like a family steakhouse like Longhorns! Having just taco bells chilis and junk food choices is not keeping up with the large city population that enjoys healthy options!

  4. Was very disappointed. Just a plain ol boiled hot did, nothing special, and baked potato was like old and maybe heated in microwave. Really thought it would be good as I love hot dogs. Wasted 15 bucks. Sad we could use a really good hot dog place. Steak n Shake best hot dog s


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