Apopka Mayor ranks #19 in Florida Politics list

Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson and District 31 State Representative Jennifer Sullivan made the inaugural ranking of Florida Politics’ “25 Most Powerful Politicians in Central Florida”. Nelson ranked 19th, while Sullivan was slotted at #14.

Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson

At the top of the list is Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, followed by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings at #2, District 7 US Representative Stephanie Murphy at #3, Orange County Sheriff John Mina at #4, and District 10 US Representative Val Demings at #5.

Nelson, now in his second year as mayor of the second-largest city in Orange County, came into office with a strong showing in the 2018 election, defeating incumbent Joe Kilsheimer with 63% of the vote.

“Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson carries with him the rare trifecta of Central Florida politics of having served in state, county, and city leadership positions,” writes Scott Powers of Florida Politics about Nelson. “(This) gives him a broad base of support and experience in government, which he needs along with his famous sense of humor.”

Nelson, 60, was a former Orange County Commissioner and Florida House of Representatives member before becoming mayor of Apopka.

District 31 State Representative Jennifer Sullivan

Sullivan is a three-term representative in the Florida Legislature from District 31, which covers much of Lake County and the northwest corner of Orange County including parts of Apopka. She was named the chair of the House Education Committee and also has key appointments to the Ways and Means and the Public Integrity & Ethics committees of the Florida Legislature.

“Republican state Rep. Jennifer Sullivan‘s growth to power in Central Florida rose from so many nontraditional roots, she has proven she can be an exception to almost any rule,” writes Powers. “Sullivan was one of the youngest lawmakers ever elected in 2014 and is still younger — at age 27 — than almost all of her colleagues.”


  1. Two of these most powerful Central Florida politicians NEED TO SHAVE! I mean, every single day, how about shaving! They represent us! My husband has a beard, but he is retired, and he is not a public official, so that’s different. I am referring to Mayor Buddy Dyer, and Mayor Demings! I don’t see the complete list of the others in the rankings of this list, but every time I turn on the tv, and if they are being interviewed, Dyer and Demings, they just look grubby, with all the facial hair. Who else thinks like I do? I don’t want to see our elected officials looking like they just got back from a python hunt, or looking like they just got off a drinking binge, and a hang over…..and yes, I am a Democrat, just like they are….I too, also expect a presidential candidate to wear a suit and tie to a presidential debate, unlike Andrew Yang, who went without a tie…..IMO

  2. I couldn’t get the Democrat debate on tv because of having antenna free tv, and bad weather interference usually in the afternoons and evenings too. I have watched the debates on the internet though. I am disappointed in general, of the debates, with all the attacking each other, and Obama, instead of focusing on taking on Trump. I don’t care for Marianne Williamson, John Delaney, especially, in this debate. Booker and Harris just wanted to fight Biden. I spelled Kamala Harris’s name wrong on here before, and I don’t know why I kept referring to her as Camilla, like Prince Charles’s old lady, but with a K. My mistake. Anyway, I see she was back at her old tricks of attacking Biden for crap an era ago, but she got called out by that Hawaiian candidate who attacked her on her prosecuting marijuana offenders, putting them in jail, and when asked if she ever used weed, she laughed, and other stuff about her prosecutor job that she didn’t want brought up. I guess she got what she deserved in this debate. Oh, and Booker and his Kool Aid backtalk was just stupid, IMO. I still like Elizabeth Warren, the best, and Biden and Mayor Pete B. IMO.


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