Alexander Smith takes the lead in Seat #1 with 27 individual donors

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson raised $4,160 in April in his bid to become the next mayor of Apopka. This increases his total fundraising tally to $26,160 since he announced his campaign in March. Nelson spent $3,636.89 on his campaign effort, which means he has $22,524.11 on hand. In April, Nelson had two businesses and 12 individuals donate amounts ranging from $30-$1,000.

“We continue to get broad support from people who share my vision for a prosperous city,” said Nelson.

Nelson raised $4,160 in April.

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer also announced his bid for re-election in March but has yet to begin a formal campaign effort. He currently has $100 in his campaign account, with no individual donations and no expenditures. According to Kilsheimer, his campaign will begin soon.

In the Seat #1 City Commission race Alexander Smith, who announced his candidacy in March, took a small lead over Gene Knight (who also announced in March) with a $1,501 effort which included 27 individual donors and one business giving Smith contributions ranging from $5-$200. Smith also contributed $400 to his campaign. Smith spent $707.11 on his bid to succeed Commissioner Billie Dean for the seat, which leaves him with $793.89 on hand.

 “I feel good about where we are at the end of the first month,” said Smith. “Starting this early in the campaign with those numbers is very encouraging. The best is yet to come. With our first official fundraiser this month on the 17th and fundraising letters going out next week the future looks promising.”

Alexander Smith raised $1,501 in April.
 Knight did not raise any funds in April, and his account has a balance of $50 as of April 30th.

Dean has not announced his intention to run for re-election to Seat #1.

In the Seat #2 race, Commissioner Diane Velazquez announced her intention to run for re-election, but has not formally started her campaign, and has not raised any funds towards her bid for a second term. However, no one has announced a bid to run against her for the seat.


  1. Is the Mayor running for reelection? He has not raised any money. It will be interesting to investigate where his money comes from. It should be the responsibility of the press, Voice, Chief and Sentinel to connect the dots, unfortunately, we may finally see the real pay to play when campaign contributions start coming in. As a matter of fact, those contributions need to be made public to connect what businesses are part of the corruption in city hall, not faulting businesses, but as I am sure it is unintended on their part. First Corrine, next the mayor???? Show me the MONEY!


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