By Charles Towne

The black bear, a mature male weighing three hundred and fifty to four hundred pounds, was so angry he was cussing at me like my ex-wife. At least that is what I think he was doing.

 And then he charged.  

 For me to run at a time like that would be futile, and an invitation to a race I could not win, I mean, he would be on me in a flash. Just perhaps he was bluffing.  With that thought in mind I stood my ground.  He stopped so close I could see the red flecks in his eyes, the slobber on his lips.  He popped his jaws, chuffed, and slapped the ground, yeah, he was really ticked off.  I stood still and talked to him.  “Good bear, hey, I don’t want any trouble.  You go your way and I will go mine, O.K.?”   He was standing sideways to me, trying to make himself appear larger I suppose, then he turned his back and began walking away, only to turn back and charge again.

  I didn’t move.  

 “Good bear, nice bear, you don’t want to hurt Chuck do you?”  I knew that if he decided to carry out his threats he would be on me in a blink of an eye.  Finally, deciding that he had taught me a lesson, he strolled away to vanish into the thick underbrush surrounding us.  I could hear him popping his jaws and making chuffing noises, and then all was silent.  It was then that I began breathing again.

  I have never felt so alive. 

 Experiences like this put us to the test, challenge us.  I knew something about myself that day.

  When I go before our infinite God in prayer, I realize that I am in the presence of absolute power, and I feel alive.  God is waiting for us to come to Him, no, He yearns for us to come to Him.  The bear could have killed me that day, but the Father doesn’t want to kill us, He wants to give us abundant life.  Be still my friend, you are in the presence of the most high God. 

Charles Towne is a member of Inspire Church, longtime Apopka resident and published author. 




  1. Where did you encounter this big bad bear? Were you hiking the woods, or did you get a surprise visit from “Teddy Boy” in your yard? I bet that visitor’s presence inspired you to believe in the power of prayer!

    • This one was in the deep swamp. I am a wildlife videographer specializing in bears. Over the years I have had many wonderful experiences with bears. As I pointed out, the worst thing you can do is run, so you stand there and talk to them. I am glad you enjoyed the account. Charles Towne

  2. Are you sure it was a male bear? Were you wearing AXE deodorant? Maybe he was really a she, and she just couldn’t resist your alluring scent….LOL!!!


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