From the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

Summertime in Central Florida can be the best of times… time to put your feet up and relax a little.  Cook outside on your gas grill, lounge around in your hot tub or pool with family and friends.  But, if your concern about this hurricane season is zapping your tranquility, take a load off your mind by being prepared.

Natural gas appliances offer many advantages over electricity, especially during hurricane season. During a power outage, consider the luxury of cooking on your gas range, or having hot water, or cooking on your gas grill.  Many people are also realizing the benefits of using natural gas generators for those appliances that must operate on electricity.  Natural gas is cheaper and more efficient.  Better yet, no tanks are necessary – no running out of gas for your generator just when you need it most.

With natural gas, you can weather storms in comfort.  Want a hot shower?  Consider installing a natural gas water heater.  Not only will you enjoy twice the amount of hot water, nearly twice as fast, but you’ll enjoy it even when the power goes out.  A warm meal?  No problem.  Natural gas ovens, cooktops, and grills are always at the ready for you to prepare a delicious meal and are the appliances of choice for cooking enthusiasts.

And of course, natural gas service comes with a lower price tag than electric, so you can benefit from the best in home comfort and efficiency while enjoying significant monthly savings on your energy bill.

Natural gas is delivered through underground pipelines right to your home, providing almost 100% reliable service.  Natural gas provides greater peace-of-mind, before and long after the storm.

Interested in making the switch to natural gas? For a limited time, the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District is offering homeowners a 40-gallon tank water heater or a $300 rebate when you make the switch to natural gas.

So, put your worries to rest – and have a good summer!

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