By Charles Towne

Well, here it is Christmas, the season to be jolly.
I was very busy counting our many blessings when Nancy walked into the room with a beautiful smile on her face.
I asked, “Tell me about it sweetie?”
“Tell you about what?”
“Why you are smiling?”
“Smiling?  I’m not smiling!”
“Yes you are.” I said.  “You have a great big beautiful smile on your face and I’m curious to know what you’re smiling about.”
“Oh that,” she said, “Well . I’m just happy!”
“l am always glad when you are happy sweet heart, so what are you happy about?”
“Well, let me tell you about it.”
“Please do,” 
 I said
“Well, do you remember when I stuck that stick in my eye yesterday, and it hurt real bad?”
“Yes honey, I remember.   I kissed it, and it was all better.”
“Oh, it wasn’t all that much better.”
 She said.
“Well, you said it was better.”
 “Yeah, sure, I suppose it was a little bit better.”
“That’s nice honey, is that the reason you were smiling?”
“Well sorta, I’m happy that I didn’t poke another stick in my eye today when I was back cutting the Christmas tree!”
“I guess that’s cause to be happy.  No one wants to poke a stick in their eye.  Hey, wait; did you say cutting a Christmas tree!  Where were you cutting a Christmas tree?”
(Now you should know before I proceed that the only thing faintly resembling a Christmas tree in our neighborhood is growing in our neighbor’s yard.   I was beginning to be a tad, just a tad mind you, concerned.)
“Back in the woods,” she said.
“Sweetheart, we don’t have any Christmas trees growing in our woods.”
“Oh, yeah.  There is that.”  She said.  “But I looked around and found a lonely little tree, so I cut it down and set it up in the living room.”
By now, as you can imagine, my imaginer was working in overdrive, running amok through the halls and corridors of the squirrel cage of my mind if you will.
I couldn’t wait to see our “Christmas tree, so I followed my sweetie into the living room to discover that there are definitely different types of Christmas trees. ”
I am sure you have seen “Charlie Brown’s Christmas,” where he sets up his Christmas twig.  Well, we had one just like it.  A runty little magnolia tree with eleven leaves on it.  The leaves were turning brown, so, using her creative genius, Nancy had spray painted each leaf those joyous holiday colors, red, green and white, and then she had hung a few ornaments on it.  It was leaning a bit askew, like all scrawny little magnolias tend to do, but darn if it wasn’t the cutest little Christmas tree I have ever seen, and my wife is happy.  
God bless, and merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,


Oh Christmas twig, oh Christmas twig,
How we love our Christmas twig!
Not too fancy… Not too big,

All blessings on our Christmas twig….

Christmas trees ain’t all the same

Some be puny, some be lame

Some humungous prices bring, 
others we… their glories sing


Some in rich homes…
Some in poor
Bringing great joy
And so much more

Some in forests dense abound

Some in shopping lots are found

On the white house lawn recall,

The largest Christmas tree of all!

But Nancy danced a little jig,

Round and round, our Christmas twig

I can just imagine all you supposedly normal folks going around this Christmas season humming that tune and singing our song,  and all of your friends will look at you sorta strange, but if they do its O.K., ‘cause you deserve it.


Our blessed heavenly Father, thank you for bringing my family and I great joy.  Thank you for giving us the capacity to smile, and to laugh.  Thank you so very much for creating us with the ability to see humor in the little things.  Thank you Father for being you.  I love you Lord, and I praise you with our laughter, and our praise.  Thank you oh mighty God, in Jesus’ name I ask it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Ernie, this is a story of Nanny about two years before she went into the nursing home and before my healing so it took place nearly five years ago. She is still a wonder! She wants to go home so badly but I can’t take care of her, so I go in each and every day to spent time with her. I love her so much. This is a God thing. Bless you both. Chaz

  2. A tree, a twig, a plant whatever you choose, it is just a representation of ” a Christmas Tree”. I think the ” real ” tree is in our hearts! There are so many versions, all different, all expressing the same thing, at least for a few days, love one another and treat each other kindly! I remember watching my grandmother take ivory soap flakes and whip them to a froth and then lovingly spoon the mixture on the tree in the living room to resemble snow! I don’t think folks do that anymore but they used to! God bless us each and every one and especially Nancy, she truly understands Christmas Trees!

  3. Praise God Richard, you got my purpose and intent for the article my friend, she blessed me at the time and blesses me still. Nanny loves the simple things and not only gets a blessing but gives one as well. Wouldn’t we all be happier if we all could see what she saw that day. Please Papa God, let her family appreciate her for the blessing she is now and always will be. Blessings on you my dear friend, Chaz

  4. Chaz, I watched a tv program this week where some dude hired some other dude to decorate a tree in his house. He spent a quarter of a million dollars for that tree and I have an idea his gaudy tree wasn’t any more beautiful than Nancy’s little christmas twig, and I am sure her efforts of love have bought more Joy after the fact than that costly abomination ever did! Bless your wife today and always, a Friend

  5. Dear Friend, I praise God each and every day for my Nancy! I wish her family could see her through our eyes as I am sure God does. Merry Christmas to you and all of God’s children, Chaz

  6. Thanks so very much Mike. Nancy is a great little lady so what should I expect? Isn’t Papa God good? Bless you both and Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Chaz

  7. Dear NH, how could we not love it and the fact that Nanny inspired it? Praise God for His great love, and good friends are all part of His love. Chaz

  8. That is a precious story!
    Nancy is pure hearted, non-
    pretentious and enjoys life…
    one simple thing at a time.
    She really “gets” what most
    people miss! She sees so
    much that others are truly
    blinded from seeing.
    God bless you both, Chuck!!

  9. Dear CSG, Some of us are gifted in the sense of the spiritual, and I think that is Nancy’s “great” gift. The blind are gifted in the sense that they see what others invariably miss. Native peoples revere those gifted ones, claiming they have been somehow “touched” by the great spirit, and perhaps they have, but for a purpose, and that purpose is is to somehow bless those of us that have not been so blessed. I have said that Nan, due to her sickness/gift could very well be my salvation because due to her journey I have been forced to be a better man than i otherwise would be. Thanks for your observation, Chaz

  10. Herbert, all blessings to you and yours my friend. Nancy is still teaching me, Or should I say, I am learning what true love means from my lady in spite of myself. Thanks pal, Chaz

  11. The best thing I remember about Nancy was, I have never seen her without a ready smile. And, when they were singing songs, she would join in and remembered ALL the words, and hand motions that went along with them! God Bless Nancy!

  12. Don, there are some folks in this old worn out world that have a special gift, nans is to bring a smile wherever she is. It pleases me mightily that folks notice it. Bless you and yours pal, Chaz

  13. Though Nancy struggles to retrieve memories, you are blessed with many. You are both blessed to have each other – I’m certain she beams when she sees you walk through the door. That smile is priceless. During the last few months of Mama’s life, I visited her on weekends in the nursing home, usually arriving at lunch time. After leaving her little dog, Cream Puff (I took Mama’s cat and dog when she could no longer care for them), I would go to the dining room and look toward her table area; she was always watching for me and beamed when she spotted me. I wish I could see her beautiful smile again . . . eventually.

  14. judith, yes sissy, eventually. That is our blessed hope isn’t it? Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, o what a foretaste of glory divine. I thank God for you sister mine. Bless you and yours, I love you, your brother, Chaz


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