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From The Museum of Discovery and Science 

The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale knew what to do when COVID-19 hit Florida — make their fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) videos, daily activities, resources and high-quality educational content FREE for kids and parents to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

These engaging STEM videos range from reading and hands-on activities to science demonstrations. It’s Virtual Camp Discovery in your living room and kitchen!

Virtual Camp Discovery content includes:

  •      School Program Lessons
  •      Outreach Classes
  •      Makerspace activities brought to you by The Leighton Family and Citrix
  •      Slime of the Day
  •      Storytelling and/or Early Childhood Education
  •      Science Shows
  •      Animal Meet and Greets
  •      Camp Activities

Videos & Supplies List

Title: Chocolate Slime
Summary: It’s time to indulge our senses with some ooey, gooey Chocolate Slime!
Ingredients: Glue, Borax solution, cocoa powder, microbeads or glitter (optional)
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Meet Crash, the Florida Box Turtle
Summary: Florida Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina bauri ) are mostly found in Florida’s marshy, scrub, and forest habitats.  They have a high domed shell and sharp front claws. Learn more about these great turtles and why they’re called “box turtles”!
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Colorful Chemistry
Summary: Join us in this chemistry lesson as we demonstrate safe and effective methods used by scientists to tell the difference between acids and bases, and learn about where these two important types of substances are present in our daily lives.
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Popping Pom Pom Launchers
Summary: Harness the fun and power of balloons to build a simple device that can launch pom poms for hours of fun!
YouTube Video Link:

Title: KaBoom! Show
Summary: Learn about the different states of matter and the many ways we can chemically change the matter around us. Viewers will witness fire, sparks and large explosions as they learn the science behind these chemical reactions.
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Dinosaur Bone Hunt
Summary: Join us as we explore the world of dinosaurs and the paleontologists who study their ancient remains.
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Sinister Sneezes
Summary: What you can’t see can hurt you, and understanding how viruses and germs spread is more important than ever. Watch as our MODS Squad simulates how a simple sneeze can get you sick, and learn how to prevent nasty microbes from entering our bodies!
YouTube Video Link:

Title: Krazy Kazoos
Summary: Kazoos use the human voice and simple acoustics to be one of the wackiest instruments we know. Use items around the house to build your very own kazoo and find your own sound!
YouTube Video Link:

Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Family-Friendly Activity Sheet:
Supplies: Construction paper, scissors, toilet paper tube and glue
Summary: That colorful critter that could never get enough to eat has wiggled its way off the pages of your childhood and onto your television screen.
YouTube Video Link:


ABOUT MODS: Founded in 1976 as the Discovery Center, today MODS is at the forefront of science education, innovation and exploration. The Museum showcases more than 300 interactive exhibits, immersive films and experiential programs. With a designated STEM Center and new aviation-themed makerspace, The Leighton Family Hangar, MODS is committed to engaging, enriching and inspiring tomorrow’s workforce – today. The Museum celebrates diversity and welcomes more than 400,000 visitors annually from all walks of life. MODS is open every day of the year, except for Thanksgiving, for its Annual Wine, Spirits and Culinary Celebration (July 24, 2020) and one day in the fall for the Annual Gala (October 24, 2020). For hours, address and more information about the Museum, call 954.467.MODS (6637) or visit


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