No makeup date set for Apopka vs. Olympia football game

Matthew Arnold, Principal of Apopka High School, announced the rescheduled events that were cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew:

All activities that were scheduled Thursday through Sunday have been cancelled, including the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night.

·         We still do not have information on a make-up time for the football game.  We hope to send that information out soon.

Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold

·         Next Wednesday, 10/12, we will have Heroes vs. Villains Day for the 9th – 11th graders.  Seniors will have their Under the Sea theme on that day.

·         Next Thursday, 10/13, we will have Crazy Blue and White Thursday.  Students will be able to use their face painting tickets on that day.

·         Tentative:  We are hoping to have the Homecoming Parade (contingent on city approval) & Pep Rally next Thursday, 10/13.  We will be on a Wednesday Bell Schedule that day. 

·         As part of the Pep Rally, we will have the ceremony for the Homecoming Court and crown the King and Queen at that time.

·         The Homecoming Dance will take place next Saturday, October 15, from 8 PM – Midnight, at the same location, the Rosen Plaza.

·         Plan now for the two make-up school days.  We will have school on Friday, October 28, and on Friday, April 28.


  1. I drove from N.C. to Florida to see my granddaughter , Caitlin Cooks , at the Homecoming King and Queen ceremony . Now , I understand cancelling the event due to the storm but let me give you my view point. concerning #1 The expense of the trip down from N.C. and back #2 The cost of her father’s flight from Utah and the return trip #3 The cost of the dress , which she will not get to wear at the Pep Rally so that ends up a wasted expense!! and last but not least #4 The heart break of the boy’s and girl’s in the Homecoming Court , because this is their last year of school , and they will never have the memories of the whole ceremony at the game !!! I believe , in my opinion , you should have arranged to have the ceremony after the game on the following Friday night so they could have had their “moment” instead of at the Pep Rally ! It would have been as easy to do this as scheduling it after the Pep rally and they could have enjoyed the total event !! So that being said , why can’t you pull whatever strings you have to pull so these boys and girls can have this total experience next Friday night . As parents and grandparents , we sure would love to have the pictures of this event to cherish for years !! So , in closing , I would ask you this , if it were your daughter or granddaughter would you not ask for the same courtesy ??


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