Nothing like having unanimous support of your co-workers.

Christine Moore, the incumbent candidate for the Orange County Public School Board District 7 seat, was endorsed by all seven of her fellow OCPS board members.  Moore is challenged by Matthew Fitzpatrick in the runoff election, who was recently endorsed by Isadora Dean, a fellow candidate in the District 7 race. Moore is running for her third term.

Christine Moore
Christine Moore

“I appreciate Christine Moore’s professionalism and positive, ‘can do’ attitude,” said OCPS Board Chairman Bill Sublette. “Because of her keen attention to constituent concerns, it is a rare occurrence for me to get involved in anything in Apopka, Ocoee or Winter Garden. District 7 voters should definitely vote to keep her on the job.”

District 1 Board Member Joie Cadle Board Member spoke highly of Ms. Moore’s impact as a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida School Boards Association.

“Christine’s vision and organizational skills were very helpful as we worked on a Strategic Plan for the organization. She can take a complex issue and explain it in very clear language for all to understand. As a Past President of the group I count on her to help implement the new Strategic Plan and vision. for the children of Florida.”

“I have been with Christine in Tallahassee to advocate against bad legislation,” said District 2 Board Member Daryl Flynn. “Christine was strong and effective in her public testimony. I also valued her assistance during county land use hearings for the fight to win county land use approval for a proposed relief middle school in my district.”

“Christine Moore has done a marvelous job for all children,” said District 5 Board Member Kat Gordon. “She has consistently voted to help build schools in every area of the county. We couldn’t have done it without her expertise.”

District 4 Board Member Pam Gould spoke of Christine Moore’s leadership in the western part of the county.

“I could count on her to review the options and stand with me to get the new relief high school open by 2017. School Board governance takes a team and Christine has been an integral part of the team that has built dozens of schools and improved career and technical education.”

 “As a former parent advocate myself, I have appreciated Christine’s passion and fearless advocacy for families on the Board and in Tallahassee, said District 3 Board Member Linda Kobert. “Moms and Dads in District 7 can rest easy in knowing she hears their concerns and speaks skillfully on their behalf.”

District 6 Board Member and Vice Chairman Nancy Robbinson appreciates Christine’s leadership most especially on securing adequate local funding for arts, athletics and highly qualified teachers.

“Christine Moore has been tireless in her fight for secure funding for public education. Orange County students, teachers and families are indebted to her leadership and I proudly endorse her reelection to the school board.”

The runoff election is November 8th.



  1. Christine, what is the future for the old ninth-grade center here in Apopka now that the other schools have been re-built, as it was used as a relief during the re-buildings? Where is this new relief school high school that is suppose to be open by 2017, the one that Ms.Gould speaks of here in the above article? Anybody else know about the status of the old ninth grade center, or anything about the new relief high school to be open by 2017? Inquiring minds want to know, LOL.

  2. I am still trying to get an answer about the status of the current ninth grade center here in Apopka, and where the new relief high school is planned to open in 2017. I would think that one or both of the school board candidates running for this area would answer my questions. Too busy fighting with each other, I guess, with their verbal slingshots back and forth……….

  3. Won’t it be nice when Thanksgiving rolls around, and the breezy autumn days will be here, and the elections will be over! Local, state, and federal! And my cell phone won’t be bombarded with political ads any more, and the tv political ads will be long gone, along with the political signs, and it will be time to eat turkey, and not vote for turkeys!!!

  4. It’s very concerning that Board Members are uniting to endorse their “buddy”. Endorsements from an entire board point to the very problem we have in OCPS…an “us vs. them” mentality. It also speaks volume and reaffirms the public’s opinion of our board members when they are openly making statements about someone who has a proven track record of being deceitful and not listening to constituents. Wow. They put their own integrity on the line; that says a lot about their character. Even the character of former “advocates”. It’s clear they have no interest in doing what’s best for our children. What’s clear? They have been sucked in by the glamour and status of positions of status and power. So disappointing.

  5. I really would not put too much weight on the OCPS school board members supporting each other’s campaign efforts, and each of them patting each other on the back, after all, each of them are in different districts, and they won’t be able to bubble in the vote for this district’s candidates. Yawn……..self praise=half scandal.

  6. Maybe the building that houses the OCPS board meetings will have an Evening With the Artists like Apopka City Hall has, with art displays and glasses of wine served…..Lawyer done said it is okay in government buildings……so hey, it’s alright, hey lawdy mama!!!…. Lawyer said it.can be served at the courthouse too….!!! Christine, are you going to try to implement an Evening With the Artists and Wine Event, at the OCPS building like the mayor did at city hall???

  7. Christine Moore is a joke. Not only has she recently lied about caring that children get recess, she is very for this ridiculous testing environment. If I have anything to say about it, Fitzpatrick will be in chair come next year.

  8. Guess I will have to watch the latest live streaming of the OCPS board meeting. Haven’t been keeping up with it, so it will be a good thing to check it out, and at least the OCPS board meetings have the video too, as well as the audio.

  9. Well I watched one video of the OCPS board meeting 9/13 and I spoke too quickly, the next two are audio only….huh. There sure were not many people there at the 9/13 meeting, considering that is for all of Orange County. I guess they have been before, and was bored to death, like I was watching the 9/13 one.

  10. That OCPS board superintendent sure makes too much money for what she does!!!!! Plus monthly car allowances, discretionary money to give away, travel allowances, and everything else under the sun, all kinds of perks…. Ridiculous.

  11. Oh I did see a presentation about how the state lottery money for the schools is used…..I flipped over it, I could care less about their pack of lies……who are they fooling? Someone, somewhere, probably half the pack up there in Tallahassee, are using it for everything, except what it is supposed to go for which is education!…..what a joke! Probably be known, they wine and dine, stock up their personal booze stash, vacation, gamble, campaign with it, donate to their buddies campaigns, go to strip clubs or worse, start PACS, and channel it to their own pockets, big time! The scratch- offs don’t even pay to play anymore…..except a small handful of tickets out of millions of tickets. Buy a dollar ticket and they won’t even let you win a dollar, the cheapskates… can buy them, and buy them, and keep buying them, and no luck, the odds of winning are only like 1 in 4.3 and you can keep on buying and not get squat. They are crooks!

  12. Trying to get answers to what is going on in your own area’s school system that you would like to know as a constituent is harder than squeezing blood out of a turnip. I wonder if those books Christine wrote about each of the old school’s history is in the Orange County Library for checkout? I would like to read the one about Dream Lake School because my husband attended there, when he was a young’un. I wonder if the books are for sale also, and if so, where do the proceeds go?

  13. Did anyone see that photo in the Orlando Sentinel about a week ago of the school children in Mexico? They were dressed in nice looking, neat looking uniforms of white blouses with short sleeves, and dress skirts about knee length or so, and regular length socks, or knee-highs. I only saw girls, no boys, so I got the impression that maybe the boys go to school separately from the girls….don’t know for sure. But anyway, I thought….. and this is considered a third world country by some people? OMG. Our country’s little kids look nice, whether they have uniforms or not, but it is shameful how the older kids go dressed to school, the things they are allowed to wear by the school system! There will be plenty to disagree with me, and say we don’t care what they do in Mexico! That is alright, but they still need to look at some adjustments as to what is allowed to be worn to school…..whether the teens like it or not! The school doesn’t have to go to the extreme with it, but slight adjustments to the dress code at least. Do they even have a dress code? It looks like Thug University! And get ready for the big fight by the kids, who apparently rule their parents!

  14. Christine, they had a water leak over at AHS way back a good time ago, and right there at Martin St. and Maine St. in that little fenced in area at the end of Maine St. as you head into the school gate is where the leak was to the left. That has been a long time back! Now if you will go out there and look, the school never did come and finish covering the area up and leveling the piles of dirt there, and it has all grown up, with weeds on the dirt piles and the whole entire square area fenced in looks like an eyesore. No one has used a weed-eater or mower on it. It needs finished up, leveled and mowed or de-weeded with the weed eater. Christine, this looks bad to visitors coming to the school or driving by. Can you look into it, and see that something is done about it? Thanks.


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