From the Orange County Property Appraiser

Orange County property owners should watch their mailboxes this week for their annual TRIM (Truth-In-Millage) Notices. These important documents – prepared by the Office of the Orange County Property Appraiser – contain 2019 information on the value of all of Orange County’s residential and commercial properties, as well as all business accounts or Tangible Personal Property (TPP). Some 524,000 TRIM Notices are set to arrive in the mail beginning as early as Friday, August 16. 

Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh

“This is an enormous undertaking for the OCPA team, and we take it very seriously,” said Rick Singh, CFA, Orange County’s independently elected Property Appraiser. “Our role in the taxation process is to fairly and accurately determine the market and taxable value of homes, commercial properties, and TPP accounts so that millage rates from their municipality (if located in one) and other taxing authorities can be applied to calculate the annual tax bill.” 

Continued Singh, “It is important to note, however, that the TRIM Notice is not the tax bill. That arrives from the Tax Collector’s Office later in the fall.” 

In addition to millage rates from municipalities (if applicable), properties are also subject to millage rates from other taxing authorities, such as Orange County, water management districts, state and local public schools, public libraries, and others. 

Upon receipt of TRIM Notices, should property owners have any questions or require further information to understand the Notice, OCPA’s award-winning Customer Service department stands ready to assist in person, over the phone, or online. In addition, OCPA will staff neighborhood satellite offices in libraries across the county from August 26-September 9. Please visit the OCPA website at for dates, times, and locations. 


  1. Yes, we got ours in the mail, the notice about what is in this article above, about the millage. Also, my husband answered a knock on our door, this week, and it was a woman from the census. All she did was verify our address, and that was it, and she left, and there were other census workers walking our street going up to our neighbor’s doors. She had on her id on her shoulder. No other questions of any kind…I can’t imagine what good that was. She left a info government flier that explained the census, and that it was mandatory to take part, but really I don’t get it, at all, if that was all that it was, and there was no questions on the piece of paper about the census….I don’t get it? In the past, when the census workers knocked on our door, they asked a lot of questions, like how many people lived here, ages, etc.

  2. Are they really going to venture out into the woods, to try to account for everyone living in this area? That is what I heard….to count everyone, even the homeless. They aren’t going to get an accurate count of all the people living around here, for sure.

  3. Today my husband and I were on 17-92 in Maitland, heading to the Entenmann’s Bakery there, and ahead, we saw traffic backing up, heading south, then saw that something was going on, a wreck, we thought, up ahead. The fire trucks and rescuers were there, and all traffic was directed into the far left lane, then we saw what had happened. There was an attorney’s law office business on the right, that had a large heavy cover over their front, and the whole entire heavy shingled cover with all the heavy posts and lumber, had collapsed, in front of their front entrance. We went on to the bakery outlet, and I told the clerk what we had seen, and she already knew, as she and other customers had discussed it, and she said there was a person in a car underneath, that apparently had crashed into it, and she said the airbags had all deployed, and that it was a small car, under the fallen cover. Wow. Glad we were not coming along there a little earlier. I have searched the local news sources, but have not seen anything about it. The law office is right near the old K-Mart location, across the road, next to a big pawn shop, and then the fire station is right next to it in there, so the fire rescuers didn’t have very far to go to the scene! I hope no one was injured.


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