Apopka City Hall

From the City of Apopka

Mayor Bryan Nelson gives video update about Solid Waste Department and pickup in the City.

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Information on live streaming of City Meetings on YouTube channel

Live Streaming of Planning Commission on April 14 and City Council April 15. City Hall with Apopka L

Planning Commission on April 14 at 5:30 PM.

City Council Meeting on April 15 at 7 PM 


  1. It is 6:04 am in the morning, and do you know what your local city government discussed, or passed last night at the city council meeting? I doubt it, because the audio of the meetings are inaudible, and you cannot hear them, even with plugged in ear buds. What is going on? They discourage you from attending, because of the pandemic, but then boast about the meetings on you tube. Well guess what, I don’t have any problems viewing or listening to any other you tube video or audio, so what the heck is going on? The mayor’s video above about the garbage is loud and clear, and some of the mayor’s other reports, so it seems to be only the city council meetings that can’t be heard loudly enough. Also, whoever is filming the meetings, needs
    to move in closer to the council, as the council
    members look like ants…too far back altogether.

  2. At least, I don’t think Mayor Nelson showed up for our city council meeting dressed like that photo of the City of Orlando Mayor with those white boxer-looking shorts and sport coat on…OMG. I hope that photo wasn’t real, and was only someone’ s idea of a joke.

  3. While you sit at home waiting for your unemployment benefits, or your $1200 dollar stimulus money, just know that the GOPs in 2017, in their tax code overhaul, made it possible for those earning one million dollars a year, to be able to now collect a $ 1.7 million dollar stimulus check. The source of this info is from Forbes. Check it out, and remember to vote Democrat! Oh, and Trump and probably all of his family members will qualify, and will get that windfall…….doesn’t seem right, or fair. 43, 000 people slated to get that amount of the stimulus package.

  4. Two House democrats have proposed giving Americans $ 2000 dollars per month, plus another $500 per child, every month, until the virus crisis is over, or until the unemployment levels are down to the pre- virus statistics. At least, for six months at a minimum, to help people survive. Vote Democrat!

  5. I wonder why the Apopka cops are constantly directing traffic behind the Wells Fargo Bank drive-thru up on 436, and leave their cop cars sitting out there in the back lot with their lights flashing the whole time they are there? Everytime I am up that way, there they are, seems like all the time. I don’ t see the APD directing the other bank’s drive-thru in town. What gives???

  6. What happened to new trees out at the Northwest Recreation Complex in Jason Dwelly Parkway that were planted to replace the dead and dying pine trees? So many of them are brown and dead. That is a lot of dead new plantings. I didn’ t expect that to happen to Southern Red Cedars. That looks like the kind of trees they are from the road to me…..??? Was it just not enough of water, or could it be a virus that killed them?


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