Orange County approaching long-term annual average

From the St. John’s River Water Management District

Hydrologic conditions within the St. Johns River Water Management District show that while the aquifer is still benefiting from last year’s rain, things are starting to dry out, especially in Orlando and the Upper St. Johns River Basin.

Rainfall during March was below average across the district. The southernmost region of the district had the least rainfall, with Osceola, Indian River and the southern half of Brevard County receiving less than one inch during the month.

Despite experiencing below-average precipitation, 12-month rainfall totals are still above average throughout the district due to the high rainfall totals of last summer and Hurricane Irma. Districtwide, the total is eight inches above average. However, the central region, including Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties, is now approaching the long-term annual average.

  • Indian River and Osceola counties received the least amount of rain for the month, with rainfall totals 2.5 inches below average.
  • Marion and Alachua counties were only slightly below average, with a departure of 0.45 inches.
  • The Keetch-Byram Drought Index shows that Osceola County is approaching conditions that are favorable for a wildfire.

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