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Smith extends lead in Seat #1 fundraising

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer has been quiet since announcing his re-election bid in March. But in June, his fundraising operation kicked into high gear. Kilsheimer raised $14,350 and closed the gap on Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson in both total donations and cash on hand.

“I am humbled and grateful for all the support I have received,” said Kilsheimer.”I look forward to sharing my record and my vision for Apopka’s future.”

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer raised $14,350 in June.

Kilsheimer’s 25 were both businesses and individuals and ranged between $50-$1,000. His campaign account sits at $14,200.

Nelson raised $2,650 in June, which increases his total fundraising tally to $36,510.00 since he announced his intention to run in March. Nelson has spent $16,477.77 on his campaign effort, which means he has $20,033.77 on hand. In June, Nelson had six individuals and businesses give contributions ranging from $100-$1,000.

“We have a lot of enthusiasm going into summer, and have distributed hundreds of magnetic bumper stickers to supporters,” Nelson said. “We continue to get broad support from people who share my vision for a prosperous city. We are thrilled by the momentum that our campaign has maintained.”

Commissioner Bryan Nelson raised $2,650 in June.

In the Seat #1 City Commission race Alexander Smith extended his lead over Gene Knight with a $925.00 haul, which included eight individual and business donors giving him contributions ranging from $10-$200. Smith has raised a total of $3,961.15 and spent $1,219.16 on his bid to succeed Commissioner Billie Dean for the seat, which leaves him with $2,741.99 on hand.

  “We are so excited about the days ahead for the campaign,” said Smith. “We are preparing to go door-to-door to meet the citizens of Apopka.  We are so thankful for the support shown thus far.  My motto is: “We the People.”  It is not about me, but what the citizens of Apopka want.”

 Knight raised $425 in June, which came from four donors giving him contributions ranging from $50-$150. His account has a balance of $480.86.

 “Things are picking up,” Knight said. “I’ve been going door to door meeting the citizens of Apopka and getting a good response. As for the fundraising, it’s been steady. I would like to spend as little as possible on the campaign… do I need donations? Yes but I’m not looking for large amounts. I think people will vote for who they believe will stand up for them and not just say things to get elected. I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. I will have the citizen’s back 100%.”

Dean has announced he will not run for re-election to Seat #1.

In the Seat #2 race, Commissioner Diane Velazquez announced her intention to run for re-election, but has not formally started her campaign, and has not raised any funds towards her bid for a second term. However, no one has filed to run against her.


  1. Reggie I would like to see a list of campaign donors who have donated to the Apopka City Council candidates. I keep reading different sources about who gave what, or in what amounts, or from where, but I don’t see WHO (meaning their names) and that is what I am interested in. Would you publish the donor lists as a public service for us voters as to what has been donated thus so far? Thanks in advance……#Mayor Juana for Apopka…..LOL…!!!

  2. I looked up the Orange County Supervisor of Election website and looked over the county candidates for both Orange Co. Mayor and our commission district. There is another person that is listed as running who lives here in Apopka and I had not even heard of his running for this district. I also did not see Christine’s name listed as running, but of course there still is time to qualify. I looked up campaign reports, but didn’t see names and amounts, but saw some reports of amount totals for certain time reports. I usually can find them easily, the donors…. Most of the candidates for the county mayor or school boards, I have not heard of them.

  3. I want to see the PACs who have donated to both the city election candidates and the county election candidates also. Who they are backing and the real question to figure out, WHY?

  4. I totally forgot today is Friday, so I had to go get an Apopka Chief Newspaper. I do see a list of some campaign donations to the various Apopka City Council candidates. Uh huh….no surprises on some of them, very expected. I would still like to see a complete listing of all of the donor’s names and businesses, and how much they contributed.

  5. So sad to learn of Mama Maria of Apopka’s famous, but gone Roma Italian Restaurant, has passed away. May she rest in peace.


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