League of Cities makes appointment

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer
Mayor Joe Kilsheimer

From The City of Apopka

The Florida League of Cities has appointed City of Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer to serve on the 2016-2017 Energy and Environmental Policy Committee.

Energy and Environmental Policy Committee members are appointed annually by the League president. Any city official is eligible to serve on a Policy Committee, and appointments typically are based upon a city official’s support and advocacy of the League’s adopted Legislative Action Agenda, participation at meetings, Legislative Action Day and other legislative-related activities.

“Municipal officials are the driving force behind the League’s legislative success.  In addition to setting the legislative priorities, the League’s policy committee members help to provide League staff with a better understanding of the real world implications of proposed legislation,” said Florida League of Cities Legislative Director Scott Dudley. “We appreciate their willingness to serve, as there is a significant commitment of time and energy that goes into developing a policy direction for our legislative efforts.”

Mayor Kilsheimer was elected to Apopka City Council, Seat 3, in April 2012. He was elected for Mayor in 2014.

For more information on the Florida League of Cities, visit www.floridaleagueofcities.com.


  1. I would have sincerely congratulated Mayor Kilsheimer but his appointment just translates into more travel with airfare, more $300 a night hotel rooms, more expensive meals, and more Florida Leaque of Cities fees for their events and more whatever…..also more significant time and energy as the article above states. We need our elected representatives to stay here in our own city, and put their significant time and efforts here in this city, and let the Florida Leaque of Cities people take care of their own business. A glorified lobbyist position……that is what it is! The mayor needs to slow down some, and quit trying to be everything to everybody, and catering to all these organizations, and national ones too! The ones that he thinks are so important, and have so much influence. The ones he speaks about having leadership roles in. The mayor cannot maintain this pace, because if he does, he will be in like a lion, and out like a lamb. And also at city hall, when the cat is away, the mice will play.

  2. Speaking of energy, did everyone get a Lake Apopka Natural Gas District pamphlet in the mail like I did? I wondered why I got one, as I am not a natural gas customer. It says pipeline public awareness information for your safety. Information about underground natural gas distribution pipelines in your community owned and operated by Lake Apopka Natural Gas District. This was on the front of the pamphlet.

  3. Inside it states about calling 811 before you dig. So you won’t hit a gas pipeline. It talks about how some underground utilities screw up and accidentally bore through sewer pipes when boring other pipes through the underground and can cause blockages of the sewer and how dangerous it is to try to clear the blockages. It says plumbers and sewer companies beware! It states that other gas companies, electric, and telecommunications can screw up and cause these blockages of the sewer pipes when they bore their own right through the sewer pipes.

  4. The pamphlet talks about how to determine a natural gas leak…..if you smell an odor of rotten eggs, even slight or momentary. If you hear an unusual hissing coming from the ground. It is probably leaking natural gas….if you see a fire or explosion near a gas pipeline, dirt or water blowing in the air, discolored vegetation around a gas pipeline, or notice standing water bubbling continuously. Whew!

  5. It states about CSST which is corrugated stainless steel tubing used for fuel lines, and where there has been instances of where lightening has struck the buildings and has burned holes in the CSST, causing a leak and if you have CSST piping in your building to have your electrician or plumber make sure that it has been properly grounded to the building electrical system and is according to the latest code. Whew!

  6. To call 811 before any digging and 911 for any emergency of leaks…….before you dig and call 811 allow 2 days minimum (working days) so the crews can locate facilities prior to your digging………..

  7. Oh and this is not on the pamphlet but I will tell you this one……don’t get the rotten egg smell at the water plant mixed up with the rotten egg smell of a gas leak. The rotten egg smell at the water plant is just the naturally occurring sulfur in the water, and it is of no harm to anyone. It is good for people, their hair, and nails. Rotten egg smell coming from an open gas leak…….pray there is no spark, as it would blow you to kingdom come!!! Sorry, just telling it like it is………


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