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By Reggie Connell/The Apopka Voice Managing Editor

If fundraising is any indicator of election results, then Apopka is in for a very close mayoral race, and a clear frontrunner is emerging in the Seat #1 City Commission race.

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer led all candidates in October fundraising, closing in on Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson’s overall lead in total contributions. Nelson is challenging Kilsheimer in the 2018 Apopka Mayoral election.

Apopka Mayor          Joe Kilsheimer raised $7,100 in October.
 Kilsheimer raised $7,100 last month, which increased his total contributions to $44,125. He has spent $19,566 and has $24,559 in his campaign account, which gives him slightly more cash on hand than Nelson. His donations ranged from $100 to $1,000. Five of his donors were individuals, while nine were businesses. Three out of 14 donors were from Apopka.

 Nelson raised $3,000 in October, which brings his total fundraising tally up to $47,385. He has spent $20,137 on his campaign effort, which gives his campaign $24,248 on hand. In October, Nelson had 12 donors (nine of them from Apopka) that gave contributions ranging from $50-$1,000. 11 of his donors were individuals, while one was from a business.

Orange County Commissioner         Bryan Nelson raised $3,000 in October.

“I am excited that over 75% of my donors are from Apopka,” Nelson said. “I’m also looking forward to a great friend-raiser event in Apopka on Sunday at the Risser Ranch at 3620 West Kelly Road on Sunday from 3-5 PM.

Suzanne Kidd, a candidate for the Seat #1 City Commission, raised $5,545, which outdid her first month on the campaign trail when she raised $5,050. Kidd had 21 individuals and four businesses donate between $5 and $1,000. She spent $3,682.74 on her campaign, which leaves her with $6,912.26 – and gives her a sizeable lead over all of her Seat #1 opponents. 11 of Kidd’s donors were from Apopka.

City Commission Seat #1 candidate Suzanne Kidd raised $5,545 in October.

“I’m very grateful to the residents and businesses of Apopka for their generous support of my campaign for Apopka City Council. It is a reflection of the confidence they have in me to be a Commissioner of integrity, passion, diligence, and commitment to work hard to improve the lives of EVERY person, family, and business that calls Apopka home.”

 Alexander Smith, also running for Seat #1, didn’t raise any funds in October but still has $1,944 on hand.
 Gene Knight also didn’t raise funds in October but has $903.59 on hand. Despite two straight months of not receiving any campaign contributions, Knight says that he is running a grassroots campaign, and isn’t targeting large donations.
 “Fundraising is right on track,” he said. “I don’t plan on collecting a lot of money… just enough to get a few things that are needed for my campaign. I would like to thank the residents that have donated and continue to donate… and all of my supporters that stand with me. But everything is going as planned.”
 Theresa Mott began her campaign on October 13th but still managed to raise $2,450 in just two weeks on the trail. Her 10 donations came from seven individuals and three businesses. Those donations ranged from $25-$1,000.

In the Seat #2 race, Commissioner Diane Velazquez announced her intention to run for re-election in March, but has not formally started her campaign, and has not raised any funds towards her bid for a second term. No one, however, has filed a challenge to her seat as of November 14th.


  1. Send in the bloodhound dog to sniff out the trail of the large sizable big time $$$$$$$$ campaign donations from the developers, businesses, and vendors to some of the Apopka City Council candidates….LOL Calling you Rover, Rover, come on over…sniff, sniff. Go boy…..go get ’em! Good boy, Rover!!!

  2. I saw the Godzilla- sized Apopka PD SWAT monster machine heading north on Rock Springs Road this morning. It must of been heading to NW Complex for toddler time, show and tell, and yet another kiddie entertainment day….I don’t know why the city even spent the money they did on that monstrosity, if it was to impress the kids, the K9 dogs could have better served that purpose, without spending that kind of money!!!

  3. Just when I thought that NOTHING could get more bizarre in this city…..I watched the city- made video awhile back, made of the young kids who were taught how to do CPR on possible heart attack victims, using a stuffed dummy. As they were taught to pump their hands together palms down on the victim’s chest to the beat of the old disco song, “Staying Alive”…..then as the kids worked on the “victim”, one boy started doing the “worm dance” crawling across the floor, as another kid, a girl, started swinging her long ponytail around in a circle, to the beat of the song…..thank God, we will have these children working on us, and dancing to the beat, in the event, we fall out with a heart attack!!!!!!! So good to know that AFD personnel are teaching those kids how to save us residents with a song and dance! We are in good hands, I am certain. Good going AFD personnel…..SALUTE.

  4. Oh yeah, and just luvvved those pelvic thrusts the bony skeleton man did in the city-made Halloween video…..SALUTE. So thankful our tax dollars are going to such worthy projects.


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