By Charles Towne                        

Mom and dad have been dead for several years now, but if either of them were to speak to me right now, as much as it might surprise, even shock me, I would immediately recognize their voices.

Or, just imagine your phone rings, and when you answer it the voice on the other end of the line is that of an old friend, or perhaps a chum from your school days, someone that you haven’t spoken to for twenty or more years. And yet, as soon as you hear the voice, memories come flooding back and you say the person’s name in surprise. It is almost as though no time has passed at all as you relive old memories.

And now I ask you, what sort of relationship have you created with Papa God? Do you talk to each other like good friends? That, I believe, is the sort of relationship He yearns for. Imagine having that sort of friendship with God!

Think of it! You can spend time with Him, visit with Him, but more than that, He talks
to you! I mean He really talks to you. And He listens to youtoo. Oh yes, He listens to you… and as He talks, you listen to Him… after all, He is God.

You tell Him your heart’s desires, and He, being a personal, loving, friendly God, tells you His! Can you imagine that?

That is what He yearns for, right now, today, this minute. He is reaching out to
you, in love.

Imagine a friendship with God! Wow!

Just imagine that you say, “I’m going to visit with God today because He told me we could
stop in anytime!” That should bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart, for
after all, that is His purpose, His intent – to build beautiful friendships with His kids,
isn’t it?

How often in your life have you heard His voice?

Let’s spend more time with Him, starting today. He is yearning for it. Are you?

We have heard that prayer is talking with God as a friend. Wow! What an idea!

So – and this is the question – if He spoke to you right now, really spoke to you, would
you recognize His voice? Yeah, what an idea!

Papa God, is that you?

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. It is very difficult for me to imagine myself being able to talk to God, even though I like the idea Where does one even began? What do we say in the presence of absolute power? A Friend

    • Dear Friend, God, if you can imagine such a thing, LIKES you, as a friend! Yes, even though it is hard to imagine I think that is what He wants for us more than anything else, and because He wants it, that friendship MUST BE POSSIBLE! That is a glorious idea isn’t it? Bless you and yours, Chaz

  2. Dear NH, you are so right my friend. Imagine He is your BEST friend! In that case you would enjoy being with Him wouldn’t we? Take us for example. If we are best friends there is always something to share, I think that is what He wants. I had an acquaintance that I thought was a friend but it now seems that this person is almost too busy for me even at my lowest times. There is Always something that is more important. I have this idea that Papa God isn’t like that. Bless you, Chaz

  3. Very thought provoking piece Chuck. I talk to Him every day and have faith that He is listening. Remember, just because a person may not be readably available for a conversation does not mean that you are not in their thoughts and prayers.

    • Dear Mike, you are absolutely right. His blessed word tells us that “If a man would have friends let him show himself friendly.” There are so many lonely and hurting people out there in a world that at times doesn’t care, but the truth of the matter is that He cares, praise Him, He cares! Bless you my friend, Chaz

  4. It is a great comfort in this old world to know that God is listening and loves us. I can not imagine my life without Him in it…nor would I want to!

    • Dear Faith Fowler, it is an incredible fact that parents, flawed though they may be, do some things right. Bless you muchly, Chaz

  5. So true!!
    I talk to God all the time, freely and honestly. But, I ask Him to strengthen me in the area of hearing Him. I want to know HIS voice more clearly, so I do not mistake my own thoughts for His reply. So, ask for wisdom, His wisdom. He will freely give it to you, so you can hear Him more clearly.
    God bless you, Chuck!

  6. Dear CSG, hearing His voice, feeling His presence, His hand on us comforting us, Wow, what a wonderful friend He is. Bless you dear friend, Chaz

  7. As a young man, many years ago, one of the problems I had was listening to the prayers during the church service. They may have been real but to me they always sounded like just another sermon, meant for our ears and not God’s!
    It was many years later after I heard someone explain about how we have the right to call him Abba, or Daddy, that I finally began to understand. I tried just talking to Him like I would to a friend, not done official, solemn, ritual but just an ordinary conversation. That was the beginning of my understanding, a true relationship with a friend, not a request from an authority figure although He can be both, I like to think He kind of prefers Daddy I Holy Father when dealing with us!

  8. Richard, prayer has been a slow progression, an adventure of exploration for me. In C.S. Lewis’ chronicles of Narnia, Lucy asks Mrs. Beaver if Aslan is dangerous and Mrs. Beaver answers, “Dangerous? I should say He is dangerous! But He is good!” When I realized that Papa God is good, with all that means, we started building a real, life changing relationship that is still abuilding! Praise God, He is real! And He is a true friend! Bless you Richard, Chaz


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